Paying landowners to store CO2 in soil a promising climate mitigation tool

Natural climate solutions – including land management practices that increase or protect carbon storage – could provide more than a third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed between now and 2030, research shows.

Biden sends another strong signal with Texas justice advocates’ appointments

In line with the president’s pledge to address environmental injustice, the administration named three Texans to a new White House advisory council. Another Texan’s ejection from a key advisory post was also a sign of change.

Q&A: Author Marisol Cortez talks about her award-winning “Luz at Midnight”

The San Antonio writer’s first novel is a South Texas love story, set amid concerns about climate disruption and environmental justice. There’s a blackout-spawning winter storm. And a mysterious trickster canine named Luz.

House bill aims to supercharge electric-vehicle adoption in Texas

The measure would set five EV-boosting goals, including planning a border-to-border charging network. Texas is historically an oil-devoted place, but proponents say EVs increasingly make business and environmental sense here.

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