Extreme summer heat could rival Texas’ record-setting summer of 2011

Sweltering conditions in a new summer forecast include frequent highs of 105 and hotter. And there’s no end to the state’s current drought in sight. La Niña, often associated with drought in Texas, is predicted to persist.

They once worked for Big Oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicit

Workers within industries that prop up fossil fuels said they could no longer ignore the climate crisis. So they quit. Three of them who did reveal their experiences.

Grim 2022 drought outlook for Western US offers warnings for the future

Climate change is bringing a hotter, thirstier atmosphere, which is turning what would otherwise be near-normal or moderately dry conditions into droughts that are more severe or extreme.

Texas could have foreseen 2021 cold-wave disaster, new study concludes

A warming climate hasn’t erased the risk of cold extremes, and the Texas power grid wasn’t prepared for the frigid blast that blanketed the state in February 2021. Will it be ready for the next one?

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