TCN Digest: As 2022 eased into 2023, news offered hints of what to expect

In this installment of TCN Digest, we recount some important climate and energy developments that occurred around the turn of the year and examine the indications that they provide about the months ahead.

2022’s US climate disasters, from storms and floods to heat waves and droughts

While too much rainfall threatened some regions, extreme heat and too little precipitation worsened risks elsewhere. Climate change is intensifying such extreme events and causing them to occur more frequently.

Elon Musk’s Twitter gives climate misinformation a new lease on life

With the social media platform in turmoil, scientists from Texas and elsewhere are pondering their next steps as they watch their reader engagement drop and dismissal of climate change rise.

What is the “30 by 30” goal – and can it save global biodiversity?

An international conference began this week in Montreal with a target that's more complex than it sounds – protecting 30% of nature by 2030. Countries are debating what conservation actions should count and how to pay for them.

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