The threat ramps up for a hot, dry La Niña spring in Texas

After a record-mild autumn and a freakishly warm December, much of Texas could sink into its worst drought in a decade. That prospect is ominous – a reminder of the state’s catastrophic heat wave and drought in 2011.

A ‘false solution’? How crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope

Climate experts warn that repurposing oil rigs' waste gas (mainly methane) is not a solution, but more like a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. Some top Republican officials in Texas like the idea, however.

As climate-linked crisis of plastic pollution grows, we keep cranking out plastic

From 1950-2017, the world produced 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics. Global production has skyrocketed – it totaled 381 million metric tons (MMT) in 2015 alone. Now, humans create 242 MMT of plastic waste each year.

A fork in the road for Texas officials on climate-altering methane pollution

Facing new federal regulations and global momentum for a crackdown on oil and gas emissions, will Texas finally admit methane’s threat? Or will state officials keep resisting climate action?

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