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How the oil and gas industry is trying to hold US public schools hostage

Fossil fuel groups are telling New Mexicans: Let us keep drilling or your education system will collapse. The message represents a rhetorical strategy that social scientists call the “fossil fuel savior frame.”

The Guardian May 11, 2022

Nearly two years after Hurricane Laura, Louisiana Gulf Coast is still recovering

Abandonment, rebuilding, and uncertainty lie in wake of Louisiana’s most powerful hurricane on record. A writer-photographer found much destruction “was still exactly as it would have been the day after Laura hit.”

Yale Climate Connections April 27, 2022

Decades of lobbying weakened gas mileage, boosted pain at the pump

The oil and automotive industries, as well as the Koch network, undercut efforts to make today’s fleet of vehicles more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels.

DeSmog March 19, 2022

IPCC: ‘Rapidly closing window’ to secure a livable future on a hotter planet

Just as emission-cutting efforts have lagged, so have measures to adapt to global warming, scientists warned. But their new report also “makes it clear that now is not the time to abandon hope,” a Texas scientist said.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News February 28, 2022

How 2022 could be a national and global pivot point for carbon emissions

A mix of U.S. and international issues could pose challenges even if the Covid pandemic stabilizes. Nations must soon make good on the noble emission-cut pledges that blossomed from the fraught political soil of 2021.

Yale Climate Connections February 18, 2022

Earthquakes. Drought. Geysers. Permian oilfield water woes pile up

Fracking one barrel of oil in Texas can produce 10 times as much toxic wastewater. The region’s started running low on cheap options for handling it, with one disposal tactic recently linked to a spate of earthquakes.

DeSmog February 2, 2022

A ‘false solution’? How crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope

Climate experts warn that repurposing oil rigs' waste gas (mainly methane) is not a solution, but more like a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. Some top Republican officials in Texas like the idea, however.

The Guardian January 13, 2022

Holiday dialogue: Big Oil employees, their children discuss the climate crisis

“Your generation got us in this mess”: For one family, the fossil fuel industry’s role in stoking the climate emergency is more than just a subject for dinner table debate. It’s their legacy.

The Guardian December 23, 2021

Gains and disappointments from COP26, and now to tend to the gaps

The U.N. climate summit led to some incremental progress, but the path forward is still riddled with chasms that need to be bridged. A review of the meeting’s biggest outcomes and the emission-reduction challenges that remain.

Yale Climate Connections November 17, 2021

Glasgow’s challenge: There’s still time to fix the climate – about 11 years

Aggressive policies, enacted now, can extend the deadline to prevent the worst catastrophes associated with a 1.5 C temperature rise. Nations have roughly till 2032 at current emissions rates before reaching that threshold.

Scientific American November 1, 2021

The polluting elite: Research spotlights why the climate needs ‘radical’ lifestyle changes

You may not feel able to fight global warming on your own. But government policy nudges could help wealthy consumers shift to greener lifestyles, says a new report from Germany.

Thomson Reuters Foundation October 15, 2021

‘A lot of impatience’: Youth climate protesters return to the streets

Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement has resumed mass street protests for the first time since the pandemic began.

Thomson Reuters Foundation September 27, 2021

My lengthy battle to abandon fossil fuels: A British journalist’s personal account

How easy is it for one person to go carbon-neutral in the U.K.? Not all that easy, it seems. Paul Brown, an editor of Climate News Network and former Guardian correspondent, describes his long effort.

Climate News Network September 9, 2021

Waste plastic deluge may soon prove irreversible, European researchers warn

The enormous volume of plastic waste fouling the world’s beaches and waters – 9 to 23 metric tons per year – could be nearing a tipping point and represent a toxic time bomb in aquatic ecosystems.

Climate News Network August 4, 2021

Rich nations ‘must consign coal power to history,’ UK COP26 president says

The next U.N. climate conference, COP26, will be held this fall in Scotland. It aims to spur more ambitious emission-cutting pledges than nations made in the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit warming to 2 degrees C.

Reuters July 22, 2021

Report: All new cars and trucks in US could be electric by 2035

Electricity could power the nation’s entire new car and truck fleet by 2035 ... but only with “robust” policies in place.

Yale Climate Connections May 7, 2021

Human activity – including climate change – has altered Earth’s spin on its axis

The planet may not catch fire, but climate change really has altered the planet's spin as it rounds the sun. Chinese scientists calculated that ice-cap and glacial melting has shifted the weight of the global water storage system.

Climate News Network May 7, 2021

Gulf Coast oil workers are building America’s offshore wind industry

More than a decade after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Gulf Coast oil workers are transitioning into offshore wind. Florida, Texas and Louisiana rank second, third and fourth in offshore wind potential.

Drilled News April 22, 2021

The good news about climate change: There’s still hope

With warming environments, landscapes are shifting. But life is still abundant. Building new relationships with the landscapes around us can let humans and other species survive.

Capital & Main April 22, 2021

Crises collide: Homeless in America when climate disaster strikes

For the homeless, natural disasters prove torturous for more than the obvious fact that it's worse to be outside than inside during a storm.

NBC News April 22, 2021

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