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Another hot, dry summer may push parts of Texas to the brink

Some areas of the state are starting the year with low water reserves, and forecasters don’t expect substantial relief from the weather. Instead, they increasingly foresee another scorching summer.

Inside Climate News January 23, 2024

Analysis: Extreme cold, like that of recent days, still happens in a warming world

Many studies show a clear decrease in the number of extreme cold events with global warming. But whether warming may also support their intensity is an open question. Some research suggests it does.

UMass Lowell January 18, 2024

Ten ‘you must be kidding’ facts about weather and climate in 2023

Last year was packed with bizarre weather events – some the unmistakable signs of climate change, others reflecting the fluctuations of extreme weather – which seized people’s attention.

Yale Climate Connections January 13, 2024

How an oil executive led the world to an agreement to ditch fossil fuels

After debating for days, countries agreed at COP28 to “transition away” from oil and gas. The agreement was described as “historic,” “strong,” “monumental,” and “an unmistakable signal” that the fossil fuel era is ending.

Grist December 13, 2023

Report details growing climate change impact in US, benefits of action

The National Climate Assessment sees sea level rise of 11 inches by 2050 and says the transition to wind and solar energy must go two to 10 times faster to meet U.S. goals for reducing greenhouse gases.

Inside Climate News November 18, 2023

Workers are dying from extreme heat. Why aren’t there laws to protect them?

As climate change fuels higher temperatures, deaths on the job have increased. But few regulations anywhere address the issue. Texas lawmakers this year banned city ordinances requiring water breaks for construction workers.

Grist November 1, 2023

As federal money flows to carbon capture, Texas bets on an undersea bonanza

Hungry for royalties, the state is awarding offshore leases to oil and gas companies to bury carbon dioxide beneath the sea floor. Critics worry about leakage, pipeline safety and carbon storage’s lackluster onshore record.

Inside Climate News October 30, 2023

In Earth’s most biodiverse desert, the slow death of an iconic giant

The saguaro cactus is a bellwether of impending disaster as climate change pushes the Sonoran Desert of the U.S. and Mexico to the brink. Scientists warn the desert's intricate web of life is unraveling.

Yale Climate Connections October 27, 2023

In Texas and elsewhere, cities see potential in building deconstruction

In cities including San Antonio, local authorities with an eye to climate, sustainability and jobs impacts increasingly are requiring that buildings be taken apart rather than demolished.

Context May 17, 2023

El Paso voters soundly reject Climate Charter proposition opposed by business

Proposition K, comprising several climate policies, landed on the ballot after organizers gathered about 22,000 signatures on a petition. But it sparked fierce opposition – and heavy campaign spending – from business groups.

El Paso Matters May 7, 2023

US renewable power surged ahead of coal for the first time last year

Texas led in generating electricity from wind, natural gas and coal, and was the No. 2 state in solar. Experts say the national trend toward renewables still isn’t fast enough to stop the worst impacts of climate change.

Grist April 10, 2023

El Paso charter fight: Will a Texas city move away from fossil fuels?

As global efforts to combat climate change falter, climate activists have turned to local initiatives to rein in carbon emissions. A May vote on a city charter amendment has thrust El Paso into the fray.

Texas Tribune April 10, 2023

‘Act now’: IPCC climate report appeals to all to salvage 1.5 C goal

The new science report says rapid, deep emissions cuts are needed. It urges people everywhere to act out of self-interest for their health and wellbeing and says choices this decade will have impacts for thousands of years.

Context March 21, 2023

The fight to define ‘green hydrogen’ could determine America’s emissions future

The Treasury Department's definition will affect billions of dollars in federal subsidies for the nascent industry. Hydrogen fuel could replace oil, gas, and coal in a range of applications with no carbon emissions when used.

Grist March 20, 2023

Big Oil’s trade group allies outspent clean energy groups by a whopping 27x

Billions have been spent on ads and lobbying to keep fossil fuels flowing. Two university researchers report how they followed the money trail through U.S. tax filings to track the huge sums paid out to shape federal policy.

The Conversation February 18, 2023

Drilling down on fossil fuels and climate change: Four audio reports

The U.S. has promised to move away from fossil fuels, but the natural gas industry is booming – America's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas is expanding facilities in Corpus Christi. Plus three other podcast stories.

Reveal February 2, 2023

2022’s US climate disasters, from storms and floods to heat waves and droughts

While too much rainfall threatened some regions, extreme heat and too little precipitation worsened risks elsewhere. Climate change is intensifying such extreme events and causing them to occur more frequently.

The Conversation January 6, 2023

What is the “30 by 30” goal – and can it save global biodiversity?

An international conference began this week in Montreal with a target that's more complex than it sounds – protecting 30% of nature by 2030. Countries are debating what conservation actions should count and how to pay for them.

Context December 8, 2022

After COP27, all signs point to world blowing past the 1.5 C warming limit

One of the world’s leading Earth scientists explains why the 1.5-degree Celsius goal is important, how the outcome of the climate summit in Egypt means it’s unlikely to be met, and what we can still do about it.

Arizona State University December 2, 2022

New fossil fuels ‘incompatible’ with 1.5 C goal, broad analysis finds

A new report by an independent, Canada-based think tank found a broad consensus of published research supports the International Energy Agency’s conclusion that new oil and gas fields are at odds with the climate target.

Carbon Brief October 27, 2022

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