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Mass migrations expected to increase as world warms, researchers say

Climate change now drives mass migration, which will only worsen unless governments take global heating seriously. A review of 30 studies shows no one factor prompts migration, but environmental hazards have major influence.

Climate News Network September 30, 2020

The cascade of plastic waste entering the oceans could triple in 20 years

In a throwaway world, some discards are forever. New research in the journal Science measures the crisis of plastic garbage, projecting it could reach 29 million tons – 110 pounds for every meter of shoreline worldwide.

Climate News Network August 4, 2020

An increasingly arid future faces the American West, scientists say

"The impact of warming on the West’s river flows, soils and forests is now unequivocal," they wrote. "There is a clear longer-term trend toward greater aridification, a trend that only climate action can stop."

Climate News Network May 31, 2020

Climate advisers point Britain toward green recovery after the pandemic

The U.K. government’s Committee on Climate Change recommended measures, from training for green jobs to increasing carbon taxes, to move away from fossil fuels after the coronavirus crisis.

Thomson Reuters Foundation May 7, 2020

Climate stress and coronavirus are ganging up on the world’s vulnerable

As risks converge in a complex world, the resilience of small-scale farmers and families living in poverty is tested to its limits. Many countries are reeling from a double whammy of erratic weather and a deadly pandemic.

Thomson Reuters Foundation April 2, 2020

Coronavirus sparks soul-searching over travel-heavy climate diplomacy

The pandemic poses a dilemma for a global community of bureaucrats, U.N. agencies, development banks and others trying to step up action on climate change in a critical year for the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Thomson Reuters Foundation March 27, 2020

Researchers: Biodiversity loss sets stage for diseases like Covid-19 to emerge

A new scientific discipline, planetary health, has begun to focus on the increasingly visible connections among the well-being of humans, other living things and entire ecosystems.

Ensia March 19, 2020

‘No doubt’ climate change causing wildfires, experts say as Australia burns

A review of 57 scientific studies by British academics concluded that global warming is leading to an increase in hot, dry weather around the world that creates the conditions for wildfires to take hold.

Thomson Reuters Foundation January 23, 2020

Carbon capture is vital for the planet, say scientists working on the technology

Carbon capture and storage is now proved to work and is essential to prevent global average temperatures exceeding the internationally agreed limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius, Norwegian scientists say.

Climate News Network November 5, 2019

In the shadow of strict protest laws, young Russians build a climate movement

Russia's nascent climate campaign is changing minds in a country where, not long ago, sKepticism about the need to act was rife. The country is the world's fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Thomson Reuters Foundation October 3, 2019

Kids struggle to breathe as smoke from Amazon fires chokes Brazilian city

In Porto Velho, capital of Brazil's northwestern state of Rondonia, parents of young children wait in lines for hours at the city’s health centers.

Thomson Reuters Foundation September 13, 2019

In India rickshaws may launch the age of electric vehicles

To combat worsening urban pollution, India’s government is pushing hard to increase the number of electric vehicles. Three-wheeled vehicles may lead the way.

Thomson Reuters Foundation September 8, 2019

Rising temperatures pose increasing threat to outdoor workers

A bill recently introduced in Congress would for the first time require the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to create heat-related workplace standards.

Kaiser Health News July 17, 2019

Planting trees on unused land could hold key to cooling the planet

In two recent studies scientists identify areas around the world where restored forests could soak up tons of carbon, restoring Earth to climate conditions of a century ago.

Climate News Network July 10, 2019

Rust Belt cities prepare for role as ‘climate havens’ in warmer world

Northern cities such as Duluth, Buffalo and Cincinnati are laying the groundwork to take in Sun Belt refugees fleeing brutal heat, drought and rising sea levels.

Thomson Reuters Foundation May 24, 2019

Modern world about to pass temperature peak dating back millions of years

Blame atmospheric CO2 levels higher than they’ve been since the Pliocene Epoch, some three million years ago, a German scientist says. “The modern change we see is big, really big, even by the standards of Earth history.”

Climate News Network May 17, 2019

Humans are driving 1 million species toward extinction, a UN report warns

The new report presents evidence of mass extinctions ahead, said the scientist who chairs the panel behind it. “The health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever.”

Climate News Network May 10, 2019

Half a degree rise may make heat impact far worse, study shows

While an increase in warming of 0.5 degree Celsius doesn’t sound like much, there is fresh evidence that it could make a huge difference to rainfall and drought.

Climate News Network May 7, 2019

Human efforts are producing a greener Earth, but the news is not all good

Measurements from space show some regions, notably China and India, are a lot greener than they used to be – potentially good for the climate. Growing vegetation takes up a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Climate News Network March 29, 2019

Global commission: More vegetables, less meat for all our sakes

The healthy diet for people and planet is more vegetables and less meat, produced sustainably, an international panel says. Farmers can feed 10 billion, help contain climate change and prevent 11 million premature deaths per year.

Climate News Network January 20, 2019

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