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Large majority opposes Trump’s pledge to get out of Paris Climate Agreement

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found Americans, by a 56-31 margin, want the U.S. to stay in the pollution-cutting pact. Another poll found 61 percent, counter to Trump, want the EPA's powers strengthened or preserved.

In Passing January 17, 2017

2016 in Texas: 3rd warmest year, a slew of weather and climate disasters

2016 was the second warmest year on record in the contiguous 48 states, NOAA reported. Besides having its third warmest year since 1895, Texas experienced nearly half of of the nation’s costliest meteorological events.

In Passing January 11, 2017

Readings through November: 2016 is likely to be hottest year on record

“Long-term indicators of human-caused climate change, including record carbon dioxide concentrations, and glacier melt, and low sea ice, continued” this year, the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization reported.

In Passing RECORDS December 23, 2016

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport may be Texas’ biggest carbon-neutral thing

DFW, the state’s biggest airport and the world’s third-busiest in aircraft operations, recently became the first in North America declared to have achieved net zero emissions of CO2 (not counting aircraft engines).

In Passing August 24, 2016

July: Another month, another batch of high-temperature records

The earth’s warm-weather trend continues. NASA and NOAA separately concluded in recent days that last month was the hottest July and hottest month on record (dating to 1880) in terms of the average planet-wide temperature.

In Passing RECORDS August 23, 2016

May: Another month for temperature records, 13th record-warm month in a row

Even with the waning of the warmth-boosting El Niño pattern, May set another monthly record for a high average global temperature, federal scientists said. New records were also set for the March-May and January-May periods.

In Passing RECORDS June 18, 2016

Polls yield more signs that Republican opinions on climate are shifting

You wouldn’t know it by listening to leading GOP officials in Texas or the party’s top presidential candidates. But public opinion surveys continue to find Republicans increasingly expressing concern about climate change.

In Passing April 6, 2016

UT Poll: Large majority of Americans backs action against climate change

“We’re seeing strong support for collaborative efforts among nations to combat the effects of climate change,” said Sheril Kirshenbaum, director of the national UT Energy Poll, which the university conducts semiannually.

In Passing February 19, 2016

Is climate change making El Niños worse? That remains a scientific mystery

“The issue of whether El Niños will become more or less frequent or more or less intense under global warming is far from clear,” Texas’ state climatologist says. TCN senior editor Randy Lee Loftis examines the subject.

In Passing February 5, 2016

Texas wind, showcased in Obama’s business climate pledge, reaches milestone

Wind’s portion of the state’s electricity use set a new record at one point. Meanwhile, several companies’ White House pledges to cut climate pollution indicated Texas wind is a key part of their low-carbon strategies.

In Passing October 26, 2015

National agreement that climate is changing hits all-time high in UT poll

The latest UT Energy Poll found 76 percent nationally, 69 percent in Texas, think climate change is happening. The poll’s release came just before scientists said 2015 will almost surely be the hottest year on record.

In Passing October 22, 2015

Texas can easily meet EPA’s CO2 rules — and cash in, too, EDF report says

Texas has already taken big steps toward meeting Clean Power Plan requirements years before they take effect, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Randy Lee Loftis reports for TCN. [Updated]

In Passing October 14, 2015

“Drought’s over” joy short-lived – drought’s creeping back into Texas

It was nice while it lasted – the first drought-free map of Texas since 2010. But since it was published, drought and “abnormally dry” conditions have returned to East Texas, prompting a rise in outdoor burn bans.

In Passing August 12, 2015

2014: Record warmth on land and sea, rising seas and greenhouse gases

You wouldn’t know it by focusing on Texas, but evidence continued to accumulate elsewhere, supporting the scientific consensus that fossil-fuel pollution is warming the planet, according to NOAA’s “State of the Climate.”

In Passing July 18, 2015

Goodbye to Galveston? Reports hint at future sea-level impacts in Texas

One team of researchers concluded that sea levels rose 20 feet in the distant past when air temperatures increased by the amount that international negotiators want to set as the limit for current global warming.

In Passing July 13, 2015

How are Texas cities doing in their energy-efficiency efforts?

As a group, six big cities in the state did all right in a pro-efficiency group’s latest scorecard ranking of major municipal governments. Efficiency is one way states can meet rules to cut power plants’ climate pollution.

In Passing June 23, 2015

Can a world map help explain doubting perspectives on climate change?

A NOAA map shows most of the planet was warmer than average in the first four months of 2015 – the warmest January-through-April on record. But parts of North America stand out dramatically as cooler than average.

In Passing June 14, 2015

Analysis finds heaviest downpours more frequent in Texas, 39 other states

Researchers: Texas rains, consistent with El Niño, also “suggest a possible climate change signal, where a warming atmosphere becomes more saturated with water vapor and capable of previously unimagined downpours.”

In Passing May 31, 2015

“Sustainability,” in all its variety, is taking root at Texas universities

The concept means different things to different people. Some like it. Some don’t. As the first installment in TCN’s new Mosaic feature, we present a mosaic image of higher-education activities under the “sustainability” flag.

In Passing Mosaic May 31, 2015

Pop quiz: Which Texas president first comes to mind regarding climate change?

Both of the presidents named Bush are worthy answers. Both dealt with climate change in different ways, after all. But the first occupant of the White House to speak out on the issue was another Texan.

In Passing May 31, 2015

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