Texas could have foreseen 2021 cold-wave disaster, new study concludes

A warming climate hasn’t erased the risk of cold extremes, and the Texas power grid wasn’t prepared for the frigid blast that blanketed the state in February 2021. Will it be ready for the next one?

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Offshore wind farms: Are they America's next big energy boom? Houston Chronicle Oil giants sell dirty wells to buyers with looser climate goals, study finds New York Times Texas power demand hits monthly record in heatwave US News Midsummer heat baking southern states with highs feeling like July Washington Post Houston-based HIF Global selected Bay City site for its first $6B e-fuels plant Houston Chronicle Texas crypto miners expected to use enough electricity to power Houston Bloomberg ‘We have a democracy problem’: how Texas voter suppression helps keep climate action off the table The Guardian

May 13, 2022

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The Southwest’s drought and fires are a window to our climate change future ProPublica Massive New Mexico wildfire grows, but Taos safe for now AP Louisiana's coastal communities could see $5.5B in damages in worst-case climate change scenario

May 13, 2022

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US fracking boom could tip world to edge of climate disaster The Guardian 'Hurricane Gun:' Trump asked if china was launching storms at US Rolling Stone Oil companies are not spending windfall profits on climate Time Recycling plastic is a total bust, industry critics say CBS Exxon doubles down on ‘advanced recycling’ claims that yield few results The Guardian Swiping right on climate love: Dating apps and environmental advocacy DW Massive wildfires helped fuel global forest losses in 2021 Washington Post Supreme Court leak strikes fear among environmental lawyers Washington Post

May 13, 2022

How the oil and gas industry is trying to hold US public schools hostage

Fossil fuel groups are telling New Mexicans: Let us keep drilling or your education system will collapse. The message represents a rhetorical strategy that social scientists call the “fossil fuel savior frame.”

The Guardian May 11, 2022

As heat waves increase, green roofs could help cool Texas cities

Vegetation-covered roofs may be challenging to create and maintain, but they can be up to 40 degrees cooler than conventional roofs. They can also reduce flash flooding and provide islands of habitat for pollinators.

Nearly two years after Hurricane Laura, Louisiana Gulf Coast is still recovering

Abandonment, rebuilding, and uncertainty lie in wake of Louisiana’s most powerful hurricane on record. A writer-photographer found much destruction “was still exactly as it would have been the day after Laura hit.”

Yale Climate Connections April 27, 2022

TCN Digest: “Now or never” – IPCC on keeping warming below dangerous levels

The U.N.-sponsored body assessed various strategies for limiting pollution-fueled climate change to avoid the worst impacts. “Carbon dioxide removal” supplements emission reductions in some of them.

Q&A: Daniel Cohan of Rice University on charting a path out of climate gridlock

In his new book, the atmospheric scientist and environmental engineering professor dives into diplomacy, technology and policy, arguing that action in all three areas is needed for progress against climate change.

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Texas wildfires fueled, in part, by climate change. WFAA ‘Like a bomb went off’: Residents pick up the pieces after wildfire consumes Texas town. Dallas Morning News Texas warns firms they could lose contracts for fossil fuel divestments. Texas Tribune In Texas, an environmental battle over solar in a tall-grass prairie. Washington Post Exxon plans hydrogen and carbon-capture/storage plant near Houston. Reuters Texas led US in clean energy installations in 2021, report finds. Houston Chronicle Botanist finds signs border wall and road crews are threatening rare plant now under endangered species review. KRGV

March 29, 2022

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Methane survey from small plane finds more pollution, waste. AP With Biden in Europe promising to expedite US LNG Exports, environmentalists on the Gulf Coast say, not so fast. Inside Climate News Oklahoma wants to be the home of electric-, hydrogen-fueled vehicles. McAlester News-Capital NM enters multistate hydrogen hub initiative. Albuquerque Journal Gov. Edwards' climate task force unanimously approves state greenhouse gas reduction plan.

March 29, 2022

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War shakes Europe path to energy independence, climate goals. AP Misinformation is stopping renewable energy projects. NPR Biden's environment and energy agencies would see funding boost under proposed budget for fiscal year 2023. CNN Large fires becoming even larger, more widespread. Washington Post How Joe Manchin aided coal, and earned millions. New York Times Natural gas industry gets boost as Biden shifts stance. Wall Street Journal US pipeline agency pulls back plan to assess climate impacts. AP Tennessee Valley Authority chooses gas, undermining Biden’s climate goals. New York Times

March 29, 2022

Decades of lobbying weakened gas mileage, boosted pain at the pump

The oil and automotive industries, as well as the Koch network, undercut efforts to make today’s fleet of vehicles more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels.

DeSmog March 19, 2022

Millions of Texans lack home weatherization that can save energy, lives

“There’s a huge number of homes out there that cannot hold a [set temperature] for even a minute – if the AC shuts off, that house is getting hot,” a Texas energy efficiency expert said.

IPCC: ‘Rapidly closing window’ to secure a livable future on a hotter planet

Just as emission-cutting efforts have lagged, so have measures to adapt to global warming, scientists warned. But their new report also “makes it clear that now is not the time to abandon hope,” a Texas scientist said.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News February 28, 2022

How 2022 could be a national and global pivot point for carbon emissions

A mix of U.S. and international issues could pose challenges even if the Covid pandemic stabilizes. Nations must soon make good on the noble emission-cut pledges that blossomed from the fraught political soil of 2021.

Yale Climate Connections February 18, 2022

Damned if they do or don’t? New eco-warrior billionaires spark debate

Some hyper-wealthy people are pledging donations to fight climate change and protect ecosystems. Is it a positive, even “game-changing” development? Or should governments constrain carbon-spewing luxuries?

Earthquakes. Drought. Geysers. Permian oilfield water woes pile up

Fracking one barrel of oil in Texas can produce 10 times as much toxic wastewater. The region’s started running low on cheap options for handling it, with one disposal tactic recently linked to a spate of earthquakes.

DeSmog February 2, 2022

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EPA acts to curb air, water pollution in poor communities. AP National Butterfly Center closes for the weekend following threats from right-wing rally. Texas Public Radio Texas Governor Abbott turns to bitcoin miners to bolster the grid and his re-election. Bloomberg Green Meet 6 Texans who could upend the oil industry. E&E News Aerial surveys detect dozens of methane 'super-emitters' in Permian. Reuters Texas may get a coastal storm barrier, but will it be too late? Texas Tribune Electric vehicle charging company relocates headquarters to Houston from California. Houston Chronicle Exxon pledges to cut emissions — but not from its oil. Grist

February 1, 2022

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Federal judge throws out oil lease sale in Gulf of Mexico. AP World's biggest offshore wind developers eyeing Louisiana for Gulf's first turbines. Climate change makes it deadlier to cross the US-Mexico border. Popular Science

February 1, 2022

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