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Other Reports-Texas-3/24/2

Big Oil executives push back against calls for fast energy transition. Reuters Protecting this tiny Texas plant could complicate wind power plans. Greenwire Texas utilities lack regulation for fire prevention, experts say. Houston Chronicle Houston solar farm delayed amid renewable energy financing woes. Houston Landing In Texas, as in California, big fires lead to big lawsuits. Grist New lake will fuel petrochemical expansion on Texas Coast. Inside Climate News

More Climate News March 22, 2024

Other Reports-Region-03/24/2

Companies are poised to inject millions of tons of carbon underground. Will it stay put? Inside Climate News No reprieve for 'Cancer Alley': Louisiana pollution correlates with preterm births. NPR How an Oklahoma earthquake showed danger remains after years of quakes becoming less frequent. AP Louisiana LNG could be 'nail in the coffin' for local fishermen. Gas Outlook

More Climate News March 22, 2024

Other Reports-Beyond-3/24/2

California is quietly Trump-proofing its EV rules. Heatmap News EPA sets strongest-ever climate change rules for cars. Washington Post Petrochemicals are killing us, a new report warns in the New England Journal of Medicine. Inside Climate News Florida protects student-athletes from heat. It hasn’t done the same for workers. Tampa Bay Times A nuclear plant’s closure was hailed as a green win. Then emissions went up. The Guardian A new surge in power use is threatening US climate goals. New York Times US energy industry gas leaks are triple the official figures, study find. The Guardian

More Climate News March 22, 2024

Other Reports-Texas-3/24

Texas battles historic wildfires as snow covers scorched land in the Panhandle. AP West Texas orphan oil wells are leaking with unknown harms. Texas Tribune Inside the fight to stop LNG export projects in South Texas. Canary Media Railroad Commission approves toxic waste ponds next to Baptist camp. Inside Climate News How the plastics industry is molding young minds in the classroom. Washington Post Texas sets solar power record, ranks third for home rooftop solar. Houston Chronicle

More Climate News March 2, 2024

Other Reports-Region-3/24

New study sees the sobering future of Louisiana's coast. Here’s what the survivors of the Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon wildfire want you to know. ProPublica Apache Corporation will pay $4 million in oil and gas penalties and ensure compliance at 422 well pads. KRQE

More Climate News March 2, 2024

Other Reports-Beyond-3/24

Study says 2023's crazy Atlantic ocean heat, low Antarctic sea ice give glimpse of much hotter world. AP Microplastics found in every human placenta tested in study. The Guardian Conservatives gear up for EPA revamp in 2025. E&E News The ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is rapidly melting. Scientists now have evidence for when it started and why. CNN Air pollution tied to signs of Alzheimer’s in brain tissue, study finds. Washington Post Here’s where the Inflation Reduction Act is working, and where it’s falling short. New York Times

More Climate News March 2, 2024

Other Reports-Texas-1/24

Texas grid holds firm through frigid temperatures, 3 demand records, 2 conservation calls. Utility Dive Does more renewable energy lead to more political support? Not in Texas. Heatmap ‘Major’ problem in Texas: How big polluters evade federal law and get away with it. Inside Climate News Electric vehicles remain a tough sell in Texas, according to new survey. University of Houston Climate change has sent Texas homeowner insurance rates skyrocketing. Texas Tribune

More Climate News January 19, 2024

Other Reports-Region-1/24

A natural gas project is Biden’t next big climate test. New York Times The faith leaders fighting for the climate: ‘we have a moral obligation’. Guardian

More Climate News January 19, 2024

Other Reports-Beyond-1/24

Supreme Court weighs overturning a pillar of federal regulatory law. Inside Climate News US climate scientist’s defamation case over online attacks finally comes to trial. The Guardian American Petroleum Institute plans election-year blitz in the face of climate policy pressure. Inside Climate News Why record-breaking 2023 heat is worrisome to scientists. AP Drought touches a quarter of humanity, UN says, disrupting lives globally. New York Times A huge battery has replaced Hawai’i’s last coal plant. Grist

More Climate News January 19, 2024

other reports-texas-10/23

Another state refuses to cooperate with EPA on environmental justice. Center for Public Integrity Texas still issues thousands of permits for natural gas flaring. Texas Observer Dallas Fed report says Texas economy slows as summers get hotter. Texas Tribune New ERCOT battery rule could limit energy storage use in grid emergencies, operators say. Utility Dive Advocates urge Texas education board to OK climate change curriculum. Houston Chronicle Controversial climate protests aim to ‘shake humanity awake’. Houston Chronicle Carbon capture project back at Texas coal plant after 3-year shutdown. Reuters

More Climate News October 31, 2023

other reports-region-10/23

New fines aim to ease Louisiana's 'orphan' oil wells problem. ‘Carbon mega bomb’: climate experts urge Biden to block gas export hub. The Guardian House Speaker Mike Johnson doubts climate science. New York Times Hurricane Otis kills at least 27, hammers Acapulco as damage seen in billions. Reuters

More Climate News October 31, 2023

other reports-beyond-10/23

In early 2029, Earth will likely lock into breaching key warming threshold, scientists calculate. Associated Press To a growing number of scientists, climate change is an ‘emergency’. Washington Post Global discord threatens COP28 climate talks, EU commissioner says. Reuters Dramatic plan to expand flood areas could force millions to buy insurance. E&E News Melting of West Antarctic ice shelves may be inevitable. New York Times Oil companies capture a lot of their CO2. They use it to drill more oil. Washington Post

More Climate News October 31, 2023

other reports-texas-4/23

Exxon’s new ‘advanced recycling’ plant raises environmental concerns. The Guardian Houston urges residents to conserve water ahead of population boom. Houston Chronicle Bills aimed at adding more natural gas power to Texas grid clear Senate. Texas Tribune Big oil firms touted algae as climate solution. Now all have pulled funding. The Guardian Diesel buses harm the environment. These El Paso school districts are going electric. Yale Climate Connections Texas Senate moves to set aside billions for future water needs. Texas Tribune Report: Texas fracking is exacerbating the PFAS crisis. Grist

More Climate News April 11, 2023

other reports-region-4/23

Sea level rise along southern US happening faster than previously thought. Washington Post The very warm Gulf of Mexico could worsen the spring tornado season. Washington Post Residents sue St. James Parish to halt chemical plants.

More Climate News April 11, 2023

other reports-beyond-4/23

Record-breaking sea temperatures set to bring supercharged storms. New Scientist Methane big part of 'alarming' rise in planet-warming gases. AP EPA Is said to propose rules meant to drive up electric car sales tenfold. New York Times Lost decade: How Shell downplayed early warnings over climate change. DeSmog Is Tornado Alley shifting due to climate change? Scientists explain how warming climate affects tornado activity. ABC News Climate crisis causing more home runs in baseball, study suggests. The Guardian The rise of 'doomers': The people who think climate change can't be stopped. Washington Post

More Climate News April 11, 2023

other reports-texas-02/23

See where Americans are at risk for hurricane winds, by zip code. Washington Post As oil companies stay lean, workers move to renewable energy. New York Times Elon Musk says Tesla is coming back to California. KTLA Biden urged not to approve oil terminals that could create ‘carbon bombs.’ The Guardian How climate change is making tampons (and lots of other stuff) more expensive. New York Times Two years later, the 2021 blackout continues to haunt Texans. NPR Exxon gives up on much-hyped algae biofuels. Gizmodo Houston may rely on carbon capture, but is it cover for Big Oil? Houston Chronicle

More Climate News February 28, 2023

other reports-region-02/23

Legislators told of dire Upper Colorado River conditions. NM Political Report Feds slash Gulf's first offshore wind farm areas. On the frontlines in a ‘Cancer Alley,’ Black women inspired by faith are powering the environmental justice movement. Inside Climate News

More Climate News February 28, 2023

other reports-beyond-02/23

Electric vehicle drivers get candid about charging: 'Logistical nightmare.' ABC Railroads fought to crush rules that Biden aims to revive after Ohio derailment. Yahoo Could churches be prime locations for EV charging stations? One company thinks so. Religion News It would take less than 3% of Big Oil's profits to clean up methane emissions. Grist Jimmy Carter's environmental record, at a glance. Washington Post EPA restores Obama-era mercury rules for power plants, eyes more regulations in coming months. CNN UN says rising sea levels pose risk of mass migration. Washington Post Canada's carbon emissions rose in 2021 but were still below pre-pandemic highs: Report. CBC

More Climate News February 28, 2023

other reports-texas-11/22

Texas just had its biggest earthquake in decades, and fracking is a prime suspect. Gizmodo State review finds Texas regulators 'woefully under-resourced' to ensure grid reliability. KUT Rising subsidies for electric heating pose threat to natural gas. Houston Chronicle Texas AG Ken Paxton is linchpin of right-wing judicial strategy. The Intercept Corpus Christi sold its water to Exxon, gambling on desalination. So far, it’s losing the bet. Inside Climate News Net Power announced plans Monday for a zero emissions gas power plant in the Permian Basin. Houston Chronicle

More Climate News November 14, 2022

other reports-beyond-11/22

UN climate deal: Calamity cash, but no new emissions cuts. AP How vulnerable countries finally got a fund for climate damage. E&E News COP27 deal does little to avert future climate change disasters. Washington Post COP27: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Sharm el-Sheikh. Carbon Brief Cop27 backfires for Egypt as signs of repression mar attempt to bolster image. The Guardian Extreme heat will change us. New York Times Earth at 8 billion: Consumption not crowd is key to climate. AP

More Climate News November 12, 2022

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