Hunger was already bad enough for those with food insecurity. Then Beryl hit.

Widespread power outages eliminated air conditioning. They also caused food to spoil in homes, supermarkets and warehouses, aggravating chronic nutrition challenges in the Houston region.

Hurricanes, climate and Texas: How they look in 2024 vis-à-vis 2008

TCN’s very first article asked if then-recent Hurricane Ike’s devastation might prompt Texans to take climate change more seriously. Bob Henson retrospectively considers that question with an eye on changes in science and policy.

How is climate change affecting fierce wind storms like Houston’s derecho?

One recent study found climate change is boosting both the frequency and intensity of straight-line wind storms. Another concluded such storms may not grow more intense with global warming, but could affect larger areas.

Is US offshore wind dead in the water — or just poised for the next big gust?

The Biden Administration wants to boost offshore wind. But other forces, including cost, political opposition and disinformation, have slowed adoption. Texas officials once welcomed offshore wind but are now resistant.

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