2023: In various ways – not just heat – a climate year for the record books

High-temperature records were smashed on land and sea. But don’t expect the fossil-fueled trend to end any time soon. “2023 will end up being one of the coldest years of this century,” Texas A&M climate scientist Andrew Dessler said.

Another hot, dry summer may push parts of Texas to the brink

Some areas of the state are starting the year with low water reserves, and forecasters don’t expect substantial relief from the weather. Instead, they increasingly foresee another scorching summer.

Analysis: Extreme cold, like that of recent days, still happens in a warming world

Many studies show a clear decrease in the number of extreme cold events with global warming. But whether warming may also support their intensity is an open question. Some research suggests it does.

Ten ‘you must be kidding’ facts about weather and climate in 2023

Last year was packed with bizarre weather events – some the unmistakable signs of climate change, others reflecting the fluctuations of extreme weather – which seized people’s attention.

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