New research spotlights importance of protecting ocean sediment from trawling

Texas shrimpers and many others around the world use the fishing method. One study’s lowest projection showed trawling can release as much carbon into the water as Canada, the 11th biggest climate polluter, emits to the air.

Can a solar farm on an old landfill site improve life for a Houston community?

The project in the largely Black Sunnyside neighborhood features intersecting efforts to advance clean energy sources and address residual impacts of long-ago policies linked to environmental racism.

UN biodiversity conference to address growing species, ecosystem losses

An overview of the increasing urgency of Earth’s biodiversity crisis. Scientists say habitat losses are accelerating, vertebrate animals’ extinction rate is greater than thought, and two in five plant species are at risk of disappearing.

Paying landowners to store CO2 in soil a promising climate mitigation tool

Natural climate solutions – including land management practices that increase or protect carbon storage – could provide more than a third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed between now and 2030, research shows.

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