A leading scientist explains 2022’s supercharged summer of climate extremes

Global warming is undoubtedly a factor in recent heat waves, droughts and floods, sometimes one on top of the other. But how increasing extremes are related can bewilder the public and policymakers.

TCN Digest: Will climate change figure significantly in the 2022 midterms?

Recent polling paints a mixed picture of whether voters will assign importance to climate issues – and how much – as they decide how to vote in hundreds of congressional and state races across the country.

Global warming above 1.5 C could trigger ‘multiple’ tipping points

Crossing a “tipping point” threshold causes large, potentially irreversible changes in the Earth system. A study found a “significant likelihood” that several thresholds will be crossed if warming exceeds 1.5 C.

Analysis: The climate bill’s big incentives for clean energy aren’t enough

The Inflation Reduction Act was just the first step. Two outcomes matter – how deeply U.S. actions slash domestic emissions and how effectively they cut clean technologies’ costs so other nations can slash emissions too.

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