Report charts growing climate change impact in US, stresses benefits of action

The National Climate Assessment sees sea level rise of 11 inches by 2050 and says the transition to wind and solar energy must go two to 10 times faster to meet U.S. goals for reducing greenhouse gases.

TCN Digest: What comes after 2023’s Big Heat? (Don’t get your hopes up.)

Summer was Earth’s hottest summer on record. September was the hottest September. Other climate extremes abound. Is climate change speeding up? We examine all of that in one of our annotated summaries of recent climate news.

In Earth’s most biodiverse desert, the slow death of an iconic giant

The saguaro cactus is a bellwether of impending disaster as climate change pushes the Sonoran Desert of the U.S. and Mexico to the brink. Scientists warn the desert's intricate web of life is unraveling.

Workers are dying from extreme heat. Why aren’t there laws to protect them?

As climate change fuels higher temperatures, deaths on the job have increased. But few regulations anywhere address the issue. Texas lawmakers this year banned city ordinances requiring water breaks for construction workers.

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