Texas among 23 states asking EPA to halt civil rights rules regulating pollution

The conservative states’ request highlights their opposition to the Biden Administration’s signature environmental justice policies. The dispute stems from a Louisiana judge’s ruling that race-based considerations exceed EPA authority.

New warning system could save lives in events like two recent ‘megafires’ in Texas

Just as U.S. warming intensified in the 1990s, major wildfires in the Great Plains – largely suppressed by local volunteers – embarked on a devastating comeback. Nowhere has the impact been more dramatic than in Texas.

Analysis: Trump win could add 4 billion metric tons to US emissions by 2030

The U.K.-based Carbon Brief calculated that rolling back Biden administration policies would negate – twice over – all emission savings worldwide from deploying wind, solar and other clean technologies in the past five years.

2023: In various ways – not just heat – a climate year for the record books

High-temperature records were smashed on land and sea. But don’t expect the fossil-fueled trend to end any time soon. “2023 will end up being one of the coldest years of this century,” Texas A&M climate scientist Andrew Dessler said.

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