Katharine Hayhoe named to new post as Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist

The Texas Tech faculty member, a prominent climate-change researcher and communicator, will also be responsible for the international nonprofit’s “wider portfolio of global climate advocacy and adaptation work.”

How Texas froze: Neglect of power-grid and climate warnings set the icy stage

State officials’ repeated failure to act on deeply researched advice for averting grid catastrophes paralleled Texas’ years-long non-response to experts’ repeated warnings about the dangers of climate change.

What to make of old-fashioned Texas cold, snow in a 21st-century climate?

A winter storm warning covered all of Texas on Valentine's Day. Science deniers have cited such episodes to cast doubt on global warming. But extremely cold temperatures still occur in a generally warming world.

Houston-Galveston’s record overnight temps typified global warming in 2020

2020 basically tied with 2016 as Earth's hottest year on record. Troubling implications for people's health were evident in Texas and many other places. More research underscored health concerns about the climate crisis.

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