After COP27, all signs point to world blowing past the 1.5 C warming limit

One of the world’s leading Earth scientists explains why the 1.5-degree Celsius goal is important, how the outcome of the climate summit in Egypt means it’s unlikely to be met, and what we can still do about it.

Coral reefs near Texas may not escape greater damage from climate change

Coral reefs – indicators of overall ocean health – have fared better in the Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary than many reefs elsewhere. But researchers have now concluded that could change as Gulf waters heat up.

TCN Digest: Reading some of the tea leaves left by mid-term voters

Republican victories in Texas mean explicit, state-level climate action seems sure to be a continuing nonstarter. But the failure of a “red wave” to materialize nationally means Biden’s legislative achievements appear secure.

Analysis: What candidates say (and don’t say) on their campaign websites

We examined the websites of the Republican and Democratic candidates for Texas governor, land commissioner and railroad commissioner. Their discussions of issues weren’t always what you might expect.

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