‘Act now’: IPCC climate report appeals to all to salvage 1.5 C goal

The new science report says rapid, deep emissions cuts are needed. It urges people everywhere to act out of self-interest for their health and wellbeing and says choices this decade will have impacts for thousands of years.

The fight to define ‘green hydrogen’ could determine America’s emissions future

The Treasury Department's definition will affect billions of dollars in federal subsidies for the nascent industry. Hydrogen fuel could replace oil, gas, and coal in a range of applications with no carbon emissions when used.

Heat pumps are catching on. New rebates, tax breaks may turbocharge the trend

The Inflation Reduction Act will put the energy-saving technology within financial reach of many thousands of low- and middle-income Texans. TCN contributing editor Bob Henson provides an in-depth look at what’s in store.

Big Oil’s trade group allies outspent clean energy groups by a whopping 27x

Billions have been spent on ads and lobbying to keep fossil fuels flowing. Two university researchers report how they followed the money trail through U.S. tax filings to track the huge sums paid out to shape federal policy.

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