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Public opinion diverges from Trump budget’s policy outline on climate, energy

Americans’ concern about global warming is growing, according to a new Gallup poll. But the Trump administration’s spending plan would bring dramatic cuts in federal programs to address the issue.

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New year brings hottest February and winter on record in Texas

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Ignoring the experts: New EPA chief denies CO2 is main warming cause

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Trump seems unlikely to embrace establishment Republicans’ climate plan


A barrier to wildlife as well as people: Environmental costs of Trump’s wall

In South Texas, a “contiguous and impassable” structure to block human migration would obstruct essential movement of wildlife species aided by decades of conservation efforts. Melissa Gaskill examines the issue for TCN.


Trump, Congress tee up climate science for some hits; scientists push back

Scientific-integrity advocates are alarmed by early signs, such as a plan for political appointees to review EPA scientists’ work before publication. That recalled a climate-science scandal in George W. Bush’s White House.

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Strong signs of Trump’s resolve to gut Obama’s climate-protection programs

The new administration’s energy blueprint, added to the White House website soon after the inauguration, calls Obama’s collection of climate initiatives “harmful and unnecessary.” Then came reports of fast action to end them.

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Sizzling streak: Third year in a row, a new planetary hottest-year record

More important than single-year records, manmade warming trends “since the 1970s are continuing and have not paused in any way,” a top NASA scientist said. Will the Trump administration heed those findings?

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Large majority opposes Trump’s pledge to get out of Paris Climate Agreement

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found Americans, by a 56-31 margin, want the U.S. to stay in the pollution-cutting pact. Another poll found 61 percent, counter to Trump, want the EPA's powers strengthened or preserved.

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2016 in Texas: 3rd warmest year, a slew of weather and climate disasters

2016 was the second warmest year on record in the contiguous 48 states, NOAA reported. Besides having its third warmest year since 1895, Texas experienced nearly half of of the nation’s costliest meteorological events.


Perry and Pruitt: Texas, Oklahoma may call the climate tune under Trump

With the former Texas governor as energy secretary and Oklahoma’s attorney general leading the EPA, the similar climate-change approaches of their adjoining states may foretell rapid and radical shifts at the federal level.

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Readings through November: 2016 is likely to be hottest year on record

“Long-term indicators of human-caused climate change, including record carbon dioxide concentrations, and glacier melt, and low sea ice, continued” this year, the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization reported.


New poll shows Exxon CEO is closer to public opinion on climate than Trump

U.S. voters and Rex Tillerson, nominated to be secretary of state, favor actions to fight climate change that Donald Trump opposes. Could the Texas executive nudge Trump toward climate action? Exxon’s critics scoff at the idea.

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Trump now sees pollution-warming link, professes “open mind” on Paris pact

The president-elect was poised to enter the White House as denier-in-chief on climate change and avowed enemy of climate action. In an interview with the New York Times, however, were hints of a possibly changing stance.


Trump won. He’s an archenemy of climate protection. OK, now what?

With a big-league climate-change denier and fossil-fuels fan as president, the consequences will be enormous – even if they're still incompletely known. TCN’s Washington correspondent, Joseph A. Davis, surveys the road ahead.

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Climate denial in the White House, plus a rundown on other election outcomes

Trump’s victory with proposals reflecting his repeated denial of climate science and climate change was by far the election’s crucial climate/energy result. State, local votes in Texas and elsewhere produced a mixed picture.

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It’s Trump vs. Clinton on climate. (And Trump vs. George H.W. Bush)

The presidential election pits one major party candidate who says climate change is a hoax against another who says it’s a threat. Donald Trump also dramatically differs from the first President Bush’s climate legacy.


Climate-action foe Smith faces climate-action supporter in Congress race

Climate change isn’t often a dominant election issue. But Democrat Tom Wakely is focusing on it as he runs against longtime incumbent U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, a leading critic of climate science, in a Central Texas district.


Q&A: Authors of a new atlas – The Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People

Writer David Todd and mapmaker Jonathan Ogren spoke with TCN’s Bill Dawson. Their book covers “the natural history, environmental richness, and manifold conservation dilemmas confronting the Lone Star State today.”


Straight outta Lubbock: Scientist and TV station aim at ‘myths’ with new videos

In their ‘Global Weirding’ web series of ‘lighthearted’ videos, Texas Tech climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe and Tech’s PBS affiliate address misconceptions at the intersection of climate, religion and politics.


Indigenous runners’ trek promotes community, environmental restoration

Peace & Dignity Journey participants, traversing the Americas, brought their message of Native unity, healing, coexistence, and nature’s sacredness and balance to Texas. Greg Harman reports from San Antonio.

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Dallas/Fort Worth Airport may be Texas’ biggest carbon-neutral thing

DFW, the state’s biggest airport and the world’s third-busiest in aircraft operations, recently became the first in North America declared to have achieved net zero emissions of CO2 (not counting aircraft engines).

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July: Another month, another batch of high-temperature records

The earth’s warm-weather trend continues. NASA and NOAA separately concluded in recent days that last month was the hottest July and hottest month on record (dating to 1880) in terms of the average planet-wide temperature.

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May: Another month for temperature records, 13th record-warm month in a row

Even with the waning of the warmth-boosting El Niño pattern, May set another monthly record for a high average global temperature, federal scientists said. New records were also set for the March-May and January-May periods.

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Polls yield more signs that Republican opinions on climate are shifting

You wouldn’t know it by listening to leading GOP officials in Texas or the party’s top presidential candidates. But public opinion surveys continue to find Republicans increasingly expressing concern about climate change.

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