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COP26: How the UN climate conference works, and what leaders hope to achieve. CNN Fossil fuel companies pitch hydrogen made from natural gas. Time EPA sharply limits use of HFCs – powerful greenhouse gases used as coolants. CBS News China pledges to stop financing coal power plants abroad. NPR Biden commits to double U.S. climate change funding for developing nations. Yahoo Big tech’s pro-climate rhetoric is not matched by policy action, report finds. The Guardian U.S. and E.U. pledge 30% cut in methane emissions to limit global heating. The Guardian Biden launches plan to address 'silent killer': extreme heat. AP

More Climate News September 25, 2021

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With its new cryptocurrency mining business on city land, Denton is suddenly a crypto player: Watchdog Dave Lieber asks 'Does doubling electricity usage in Denton help or hurt the Texas grid?' Dallas Morning News Natural gas prices are rising. Here’s why that helps the cleanest (and dirtiest) electricity sources. Inside Climate News Exxon’s secret assist from the world’s top PR firm. Dallas Morning News Methane crackdown could threaten u.s. Driller profits, Citi says. Bloomberg Shell exits Permian with $9.5 bln Texas shale sale to ConocoPhillips. Reuters How to talk about climate change across the political divide. New Yorker Power-hungry Texas looks at ways to cut demand for electricity. Houston Chronicle

More Climate News September 25, 2021

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Summer 2021 was hottest on record in US, tied with Dust Bowl summer of 1936. CNN Biden wants nearly half the nation’s energy to come from solar by 2050. Washington Post Study calls for strict limits on oil, coal to curb warming. AP Methane rule to eclipse past regulations, including Obama's. E&E News Harvard will move to divest its endowment from fossil fuels. Harvard Crimson Joe Manchin’s dirty empire. Intercept Oil industry launches lobbying blitz as Congress targets fossil fuel subsidies. DeSmog

More Climate News September 11, 2021

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After hurricane Ida, how much longer can New Orleans’s new levees hold?. New Yorker New Orleans built a power plant to prepare for storms and hurricanes. It sat dark for 2 days. New York Times To keep the lights on, New Orleans’ grid needs to change—here’s how. National Geographic

More Climate News September 11, 2021

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Advocates charged over Houston plan to add 100 electric vehicles in shift to gasoline-free fleet. Houston Chronicle Climate change may have worsened deadly Texas cold wave. Washington Post Army Corps releases final $29 billion ‘Ike Dike’ study for Congressional approval. Houston Public Media Border wall or levee? South Texas structure sparks controversy. Texas Tribune Tesla plan to sell electricity in Texas would cut out the 'middleman'. Utility Dive More than two-thirds of observed Permian wells flaring without permit, report says. Houston Chronicle Lubbock water conservation holds off multi-million dollar water supply projects. KCBD

More Climate News September 11, 2021

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Louisiana needs sand to rebuild its coast. Old oil and gas pipelines are blocking the way. Washington Post Forecasters: Hurricane season to be busier than 1st thought. AP Burn scars can have lasting impacts on communities for years after wildfire. New Mexico Political Report

More Climate News August 8, 2021

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Biden calls for half of new cars to be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030. Washington Post U.S. automakers pledge huge increase in electric vehicles. AP Biden announces record amount of climate resilience funding. New York Times Climate change almost completely destabilizes Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, study finds. Washington Post Floods: Research shows millions more at risk of flooding. BBC New climate report will detail grim future of hotter, extreme weather and rising seas. Scientific American The U.S. power sector is halfway to net zero emissions, but it gets harder now, analysts say. Utility Dive Bipartisan $1 trillion Senate infrastructure bill focuses on transmission, nuclear, carbon capture. Utility Dive

More Climate News August 8, 2021

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Exxon considers pledging ‘net zero’ carbon by 2050. Wall Street Journal Dead zones spread along Oregon coast and Gulf of Mexico, study shows. The Guardian Texas oil regulator floats tax credits for natural gas projects. Houston Chronicle Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash after they passed power grid bills. Texas Tribune FERC must redo climate analysis for Texas LNG projects - D.C. Circuit. Reuters CenterPoint customers will pay price for pipeline company profits during Texas freeze. Houston Chronicle

More Climate News August 7, 2021

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Here are Louisiana's seven strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Mexican methane leak rate 'alarming' for climate change, report says. Reuters Louisiana climate change: Can the civilian climate corps help? Rolling Stone Western drought has lasted longer than the dust bowl. Scientific American

More Climate News August 2, 2021

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Biden wants to turn America’s auto fleet electric. It’s harder than it seems. Washington Post Rising seas are coming for big tech campuses. Who will pay to protect them? NPR Coastal landfills are no match for rising seas. The Nation Democrats call infrastructure bill a down payment on climate. New York Times Special Report-The recycling myth: Big Oil’s solution for plastic waste littered with failure. Reuters Critical measures of global heating reaching tipping point, study finds. The Guardian Climate crisis catches power companies unprepared. New York Times Climate crisis and carbon capture: Why some are worried about its role. CNBC

More Climate News August 2, 2021

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Why Texas fossil fuel unions signed onto a climate plan. Grist Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals. AP Exxon sting ensnares think tanks with climate credentials. E&E News Natural gas bills will go up after Texas' deadly winter storm. Regulators will decide how much. Houston Chronicle Energy transition could create 1.1 million jobs in Texas, report says. Houston Chronicle Texas PUC, ERCOT pledge 'reliability is first' as state pursues market reform. Utility Dive Austin housing project offers Tesla large-scale test bed to address challenges with energy products. Utility Dive After Kelcy Warren’s Energy Transfer partners made billions from the deadly Texas blackouts, he gave $1 million to Greg Abbott. Texas Observer

More Climate News July 31, 2021

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It’s not a border crisis. It’s a climate crisis. Politico Drought hits the Southwest, and New Mexico’s canals run dry. New York Times Mexico water supply buckles on worsening drought, putting crops at risk. Reuters 'Megadrought' along border strains US-Mexico water relations. The Conversation Crumbling America: Meet Louisiana's climate-change refugees. The Telegraph

More Climate News July 21, 2021

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Climate change goals and oil production are clashing in the US. National Geographic Democrats’ budget would finance sweeping clean-energy plan. Wall Street Journal Climate activists hail Dem budget spending on clean energy. AP Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs. The Guardian Hydrogen is one answer to climate change. Getting it is the hard part. New York Times EU launches big climate plan for 'our children and grandchildren'. Reuters Recent heat waves show the US power grid is not ready for climate change. Vox

More Climate News July 20, 2021

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ERCOT releases plan to boost reliability after blackouts, as report outlines gas, electric failures. Utility Dive Houston-based Rhythm to sell electricity plans supporting specific renewable projects. Houston Chronicle Gas sellers reaped $11 billion windfall during Texas freeze. Bloomberg In Corpus Christi’s Hillcrest neighborhood, Black residents feel like they are living in a ‘sacrifice zone’. Inside Climate News ERCOT report confirms gas- and coal-fired plant outages played big role in June grid woes. Dallas Morning News Renewables may become Texas' top source of electricity. Houston Chronicle Gov. Greg Abbott wants to incentivize more nuclear, coal, gas power plants. Texas Tribune

More Climate News July 20, 2021

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Bipartisan infrastructure deal omits big climate measures. New York Times Climate change impact: UN report warns of 'irreversible consequences.' USA Today Most new wind and solar projects will be cheaper than coal, report finds. The Guardian Amid troubles for fossil fuels, has the era of ‘peak oil’ arrived? Yale E360 What if American democracy fails the climate crisis? New York Times How Pope Francis and Vatican activists helped rein in Big Oil on climate change. Religion News Service Developer officially cancels Keystone XL pipeline project blocked by Biden. Reuters China wants to go carbon-neutral — and won't stop burning coal to get there. NPR

More Climate News June 27, 2021

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As the Gulf of Mexico heals from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, stringent safety proposals remain elusive. Inside Climate News Making hot sauce and working to save wetlands. AP Cancer Alley campaigner wins Goldman prize for environmental defenders. The Guardian

More Climate News June 27, 2021

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Texas power grid faces summer having changed little from February freeze. Reuters ERCOT still doesn't know why Texas power plants went offline last week. Texas Tribune Shell and GM unveil partnership on Texas power and car-charging. Axios San Diego, Houston detail paths for cities to purchase renewable energy. Utility Dive Texas loses to Oklahoma on electric vehicle company Canoo’s ‘mega-factory.’ The power grid cited as one reason. Dallas Morning News Fracking endangers children’s health in Arlington, TX. Reveal Texas adding energy storage ahead of risky summer months: S&P analysis. Utility Dive A $26-billion plan to save the Houston area from rising seas. Undark Magazine

More Climate News June 27, 2021

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No new oil, gas or coal development if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says world energy body. The Guardian Study: Climate change added $8 billion to Sandy's damages. AP How vulnerable is US energy infrastructure to future cyberattacks? Wall Street Journal White House environmental justice advisers express opposition to nuclear, carbon capture projects. The Hill NFTs may be the future of art — but are they threatening the future of the planet? CBS A narrow path for Biden’s ambitious land conservation plan. Washington Post Are there too many people? All bets are off. The Guardian

More Climate News May 20, 2021

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New Mexico utilities prepare for electric vehicles. New Mexico Political Report $2 billion project would help save Louisiana coast - and stoke flooding in these hamlets. As the climate warms, could the U.S. face another dust bowl? Yale Environment 360 Louisiana's governor wants the oil and gas state to go carbon neutral. WWNO

More Climate News May 20, 2021

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Texas bars city climate plans from banning natural gas as fuel source. Texas Tribune 'A terrible idea': Texas legislators fight over renewables' role in power crisis, aiming to avert a repeat. Utility Dive Renewable energy jobs are booming in Texas. Houston Chronicle As Texas went dark, the state paid natural-gas companies to go offline. Wall Street Journal NRG discloses nearly $1B hit from Texas grid collapse. Utility Dive Texas lawmakers propose electricity market bailout after winter storm. Texas Tribune Army Corps takes alternate route to fund $26B Ike Dike project. Houston Chronicle

More Climate News May 20, 2021

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