Deadly tornadoes continue to plague Midwest. Los Angeles Times

Joplin, Mo., tornado is deadliest since 1953; toll at 117 from tornado. Los Angeles Times

Deadly Joplin, Mo., twister raises ‘tough,’ costly questions, weather experts say. ClimateWire

Weather disasters in the poorest nations ‘have trebled since 1980s.’ Independent

Australian climate jury finds dire need for action to slow warming. Sydney Morning Herald

Another day, another deadly tornado strikes the US. Climate Central

With eye on climate change, Chicago prepares for a warmer future. New York Times

Inland storms, growing in violence, drive insurers to accept riskier reality. ClimateWire

Drought in Europe hits wheat crop. Reuters

NRC finds many US nuclear plants ill-prepared to handle simultaneous threats. CllimateWire

UK pledges to cut carbon emissions in half by 2025. Associated Press

EPA delays rule on industrial emissions. Los Angeles Times

Britain set to announce ambitious environmental steps. New York Times

Drought leaves 1,400 reservoirs ‘dead’ in Central China. Xinhua

1,000-year Arctic storm linked to climate change: study. Canadian Press

Study that condemned scientific support for global warming gets pulled after charges of plagiarism. USA Today

Obama moves to expand oil and gas drilling. Politico

Scientists cite ‘pressing’ need to limit greenhouse gases. New York Times

Gingrich’s presidential bid clouded by his belief in climate change. Guardian

Vatican-appointed panel warns of climate change. Associated Press

Megafires – a vicious climate circle? BBC

Arctic countries seek cooperation as ice melts. Agence France-Presse

Japan’s leader cancels plan for new nuclear plants. New York Times

Germany’s unlikely champion of a radical green energy path. Yale Environment 360

Climate change ‘threatens UK wi-fi connections’, says government report. Guardian

Study raises doubts on capturing carbon dioxide from air. New York Times

Ryan, the Republicans’ budget hawk, opposes tax breaks for clean energy and oil. ClimateWire

Fire and rain: Fed scientists point to wild April. Associated Press

Scientific study links flammable drinking water to fracking. ProPublica

Barack Obama: Clean energy will deliver the ‘jobs of the future.’ Politico

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New study warns of Arctic mercury pollution; high levels found in wildlife. Associated Press

Suit accuses US government of failing to protect Earth for generations unborn. New York Times

14 percent budget cut to key energy agency wins few fans. SolveClimate News

UN forecasts 10.1 billion people by century’s end. New York Times

Report sees sharper sea rise from Arctic melt. Associated Press

Arctic may reveal more hydrocarbons as shrinking ice provides access. Oil & Gas Journal

Rising gas prices shift energy debate. Washington Post

Some seekers of rural life move out of Pennsylvania as gas rigs move in. Solve Climate News

Deadly weather in US could become the norm. New Scientist

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