Climate change scientists warn of 4C [7F] global temperature rise. Guardian

Stalled on treaty, climate talks turn to money. Associated Press

World’s lakes getting hotter, more than the air. Thibodaux Daily Comet

2010 so far “tied for hottest year.” Reuters

UN: greenhouse gas concentration at record level. Associated Press

Permafrost thawing rate accelerates, scientist finds. Anchorage Daily News

EPA sets new rules for carbon dioxide storage. Associated Press

Degree by degree, heat waves claim lives, new study warns. Solve Climate

Nations that debate coal use export it to feed China’s need. New York Times

China says it is world’s top greenhouse gas emitter. Reuters

Shift to natural gas could slash power emissions, Deutsche Bank says. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Feds understate the cost of climate disruption, critics contend. Daily Climate

Cap-and-trade exchange calls It quits. New York Times

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In the heartland, still investing in coal. New York Times

Corporate ‘sustainability’ push flowers in sluggish economy. New York Times

As glaciers melt, science seeks data on rising seas. New York Times (subscription)

EPA issues guidelines for cutting greenhouse gases. Associated Press

US requires oil and gas firms to report carbon output. Reuters

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Earth will take 100,000 years to recover from global warming say geologists. Telegraph

Adversaries try to heal fracture over fracturing. Houston Chronicle