Scientists say global warming is continuing. Associated Press

California, New Mexico and 3 Canadian provinces outline regional cap-and-trade program. Los Angeles Times

Plankton, base of ocean food web, in big decline. Associated Press

Energy bill would tax oil firms to fight spills, promote natural gas trucks. Dallas Morning News

Wind drives growing use of batteries. New York Times

Oil industry is driving force behind Proposition 23’s attack on California’s new greenhouse gas regulation. Los Angeles Times

Offshore drilling legislation is in express lane in Congress. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Obama says he still supports climate legislation. Associated Press

Reid unveils pared-down energy and oil bill. Associated Press

Temperatures hit record highs globally. El Nino or global warming? Christian Science Monitor

US wind energy popular, but lacks investment. CNET

Senate halts effort to cap CO2 emissions. Wall Street Journal

Climate scientist Stephen Schneider dead at 65. Associated Press

Utilities and environmentalists haggle over climate bill. New York Times

Republicans oppose broad US energy bill: McConnell. Reuters

Climate bill would reduce US GDP by $452 billion, Energy Department says. Bloomberg

Renewables see ‘resilient growth’ in 2009. BBC

Senate climate bill falls short of Copenhagen aim. Reuters

Cap-and-trade law can’t pass, Senator Rockefeller says. Bloomberg

Pollution fight cools climate talks. Politico

Lloyds adds its voice to dire ‘peak oil’ warnings. Guardian

Obama seeks $5 billion to create clean-energy jobs. Bloomberg

Scientists say we’d better get used to sweating out heat waves. Associated Press

EPA poised to broaden greenhouse gas rule. The Hill

Rapid ice loss continues through June. National Snow and Ice Data Center report

CBO report: Kerry’s climate bill would cut deficit by $19b. Boston Globe

Global heat wave hits US, reignites climate change debate. Christian Science Monitor

Climategate scientists cleared of manipulating data on global warming. Guardian

Dow Chemical standing apart from industry on cap and trade. ClimateWire

Gulf oil spill: Obama administration argues for drilling moratorium. Los Angeles Times

EPA to crack down on interstate pollutants from power plants. McClatchy Newspapers

Agency agreed wildlife risk from oil was ‘low.’ New York Times

Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report. Associated Press

China fears consumer impact on global warming. New York Times

France to shut half its coal-fed power plants, curb energy use. Bloomberg

Report: Oceans’ deteriorating health nearing ‘irreversible.’ McClatchy Newspapers

Activists beg Obama to step up climate push. New York Times

Bingaman ‘dubious’ about prospects for utility-focused climate plans. The Hill

2009 sees no growth in CO2; first time since 1992. Associated Press

Obama gives $2 billion to solar plants. Associated Press

EPA finalizes CO2 rule on mines, landfills. Reuters

Senators predict a climate bill capping emissions only for utilities. Washington Post

Potentially harmful chemicals used in Pa. drilling. Associated Press

Goodbye MMS: Oil regulating agency gets makeover. Associated Press

Tesla shares soar in IPO. Los Angeles Times