Researchers say 2009 to be one of warmest years on record. Reuters

Malibu’s vanishing Broad Beach a sign of rising sea levels, experts say.Los Angeles Times

‘Huge year for natural disasters’.BBC

Californians shape up as force on environmental policy. Washington Post

Third of Britain’s mammals ‘at risk’ / Climate change and habitat loss blamed as eight more species join the seriously endangered list. The Guardian

With aid from the state, Californians warm to rooftop solar power. Los Angeles Times

In German ‘passive houses,’ no furnaces but plenty of heat. New York Times

Burning coal at home is making a comeback. New York Times

U.S. edges out Germany as world wind power leader. Environment News Service

Tenn. sludge spill challenges ‘clean coal’ future. Discovery News

Solar meets polar as winter curbs clean energy. New York Times

Faster climate change feared / New report points to accelerated melting, longer drought. Washington Post

Flood of sludge breaks TVA dike / Collapse poses risk of toxic ash.Tennessean

‘Green’ jobs compete for stimulus aid / Obama weighs them vs. traditional projects. Washington Post

Greeland’s glaciers losing ice faster this year than last year, which was record-setting itself. Ohio State University press release

Efficient holiday lighting gains more converts. Associated Press

Prius: It’s not just a car, it’s an emergency generator. New York Times

Ambitious climate goals make economic sense. New Scientist

How the West’s energy boom could threaten drinking water for 1 in 12 Americans. Pro Publica and San Diego Union-Tribune

Idaho energy czar aims to harness cow pie power. Associated Press

Connecticut’s Solar Incentives Dry Up. New York Times

Climate change could one day doom “white Christmas.” Reuters

Financial meltdown slowing wind-power boom. Associated Press

NASA study links severe storm increases, global warming. NASA press release

Arctic melt 20 years ahead of climate models. New Scientist

EPA ruling could speed up approval of coal plants. New York Times

Green jobs proponent Hilda Solis picked for labor secretary. Wall Street Journal

Advocates for action on global warming chosen as Obama’s top science advisers. Washington Post

Netherlands to strengthen flood fortifications. AFP

U.S. carbon output slower than thought by 2030: EIA. Reuters

Some climate impacts happening faster than anticipated. Oregon State University press release

Sources: John Holdren to be nominated as Obama’s science adviser. ScienceNOW

US proposes protecting 7 penguin species. Associated Press

Coolest year since 2000 but trend still shows global warming / The last 12 months have been cooler, but 2008 is still the tenth hottest year on record. The Guardian

Iowa Gov. Vilsack tapped by Obama to run USDA. Associated Press

Seas will rise faster than predicted, say scientists. London Times

Jellyfish swarms invade ecosystems out of balance. Environment News Service

The big melt: 2 trillion tons of ice since 2003. Associated Press

Hard task for new team on energy and climate. New York Times

Science must evolve to tackle the challenges of warming, researchers say. The Daily Climate

Obama picks Salazar as Interior secretary. Los Angeles Times

Rich-poor rift persists over climate.New York Times

Scientists urge caution in ocean-CO2 capture schemes. Reuters

Obama left with little time to curb global warming. Associated Press

EU leaders drastically weaken their emission ambition. International Herald Tribune

Calif. adopts tough greenhouse gas restrictions. Associated Press

Which one is greener, Apple or Wal-Mart? Boston Globe

Population growth contributes to emissions growth. Associated Press

Greenhouse gases warming North America unevenly. Associated Press

Obama team set on environment.New York Times

Is Europe getting cold feet on climate change? Time

Winter easing its grip on Northeast / Temperatures rising 0.8 degrees a decade. Boston Globe

A past president’s advice to Obama: Act with haste. Wall Street Journal

Climate change experts ‘lose faith’ in renewable technology. The Guardian

Obama says climate change a matter of national security. Reuters

NCAR study: Growing Third World blocks emissions goals. Rocky Mountain News

Scientists try to mitigate climate change effects. Associated Press

DOE slashes energy demand forecast. Associated Press

Too late? Why scientists say we should expect the worst of global warming. The Guardian

Like a rock: Hybrid car sales plummet. Wall Street Journal

BP, HP, Shell sign letter supporting emissions cuts. Bloomberg

Climate envoys battle over forests, emissions. Associated Press

Nuked: Economic downturn threatens nuclear power’s renaissance, too. Wall Street Journal

Back at junk value, recyclables are piling up. New York Times

Obama pledges public works on a vast scale. New York Times

Jobs, clean energy are key to Obama stimulus plan / Recovery agenda is said to emphasize green infrastructure and health technology.Los Angeles Times

Would burying CO2 help in climate crisis? Associated Press

California leads states demanding EPA tackle global warming.Environment News Service

Environmental groups bash ‘clean coal’ in new campaign. Washington Post

Oil tumbles below $44 a barrel, gas hits new low. Associated Press

Coal pits: Recession sends coal prices plunging. Wall Street Journal

Proposal ties economic stimulus to energy plan. New York Times

Island states seek tougher U.N. climate deal. Reuters

Deadline for global climate treaty in question. Associated Press

U.S. report questions value of carbon-offset deals. Reuters

Climate change fallout may cost annual $50 billion. Associated Press

Quest for new climate treaty begins in earnest. Associated Press

Carbon Detectives Are Tracking Gases in Colorado. New York Times

Farmers panic about a “cow tax.”New York Times

Gas tax hikes gaining traction across the globe. New York Times