Bill Dawson
Bill Dawson, the founder of Texas Climate News, is a journalist who has covered climate change since 1988. He was formerly the environment writer at the Houston Chronicle for 17 years, the senior writer for environmental issues at the Center for Public Integrity (a nonprofit investigative reporting organization in Washington) and an adjunct faculty member at Rice University.

Randy Lee Loftis
Senior editor
Randy Lee Loftis is an independent journalist in Dallas. He was The Dallas Morning News’ environmental writer for 26 years. He was a founder of the Society of Environmental Journalists and is a faculty member at the University of North Texas.

Fritz Lanham
Senior editor
Fritz Lanham is an independent journalist in Houston. For 16 years he was books editor at the Houston Chronicle. After leaving the Chronicle he served as director of programs and director of communications and marketing for Asia Society Texas Center.

Joseph A. Davis
Washington correspondent
Joseph A. Davis, Ph.D., is an independent journalist in Washington. Over more than three decades, Davis has covered a wide range of events and issues related to the environment, energy, and natural resources in the nation’s capital for publications including Congressional Quarterly.

Melissa Gaskill
Contributing editor
Melissa Gaskill is an Austin-based writer whose work has been published by Nature News, Scientific American, Wildflower, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Smithsonian, Men’s Journal and others.

Krist Bender
echnology and production associate
Krist Bender was formerly chief technology officer and director of internet programs for the National Council for Science and the Environment in Washington.