Other Reports | March 2012

Texas farmers watered crops, knowing that they wouldn’t grow. Texas Tribune

Texas officials approve radioactive waste dump. Associated Press

Despite recent rains, drought far from over, experts warn. Austin American-Statesman

Texas lawmakers mull water options for state. Texas Tribune

Texas officials approve radioactive waste dump. Associated Press

State struggling to find funds for water plan. San Antonio Express-News

Drought cost Texas close to $8 billion in agricultural losses in 2011, study finds. Austin American-Statesman

Looks like another bad year for Monarch butterflies. Houston Chronicle

Agenda 21 prompts ‘wild accusations.’ Houston Chronicle

New Keystone XL route could still threaten Ogallala Aquifer. InsideClimate News

Texas farmers battle Ogallala pumping limits. Texas Tribune

Two Texas towns run out of water. PBS

Despite increased restrictions, urban water use climbs. Texas Tribune

Why the Great Shale Rush in the Eagle Ford may be over sooner than you think. San Antonio Current

Texas’ fracking disclosure law falls short, critics say. Texas Observer

In Texas, ambivalence over wind tax credit extension. Texas Tribune

Joint efforts impact water quality in bays. Rockport Pilot

Hydraulic fracturing experts discuss problems associated with process. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Port of Corpus Christi wind turbines helping to power local grid. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

A swing from drought to deluge in Texas and nearby states. Climate Central

Texas regulators look at raising wholesale electricity prices to spark new power plants. Austin American-Statesman

Experts urge nation to hit energy reset button. Houston Chronicle

Climate change made the drought worse, scientists say. San Antonio Express-News

Winds of fortune sweep West Texas. Houston Chronicle

Anglers flock to contaminated Texas reservoir. Associated Press

Texas cities find it can take a lot of green to be ‘green.’ Houston Chronicle

Austin bag ban means penalties for retailers that offer disposable bags. Austin American-Statesman

State climatologist has eye on the sky for Texas. Texas Tribune

Texas drought twists migrations of many birds. Associated Press

Coral death ‘definitively’ linked to BP spill. Associated Press

Gulf dolphins exposed to oil are seriously ill, agency says. New York Times

Coastal authority approves 50-year, $50 billion master plan. New Orleans Times-Picayune

In Oklahoma, Obama declares pipeline support. New York Times

Stubborn drought expected to tax Mexico for years. Reuters

As climate changes, Louisiana seeks to lift a highway. Washington Post

The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans gives new meaning to ‘urban growth.’ New York Times

Mississippi court ends global warming suit. Forbes

How BP-spill settlement money may save the Gulf Coast. Time

Tight-knit fishing communities in south Louisiana bounce back from disaster, study finds. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Albuquerque meets goal of reducing water usage. Associated Press

Louisiana’s ambitious new vision for its disappearing coastline. Los Angeles Times

Mexico withers under worst drought in 71 years. Christian Science Monitor

After BP oil spill, executive compensation still flowing. Washington Post

Mexico City’s ancient Xochimilco floating gardens are in ecological peril. Washington Post

Deepwater oil drilling picks up again as BP disaster fades. New York Times

World Bank loans Mexico $300 million as buffer against climate change. Latin American Herald Tribune

Gulf oil spill companies face other liability apart from settlement. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP spill settlement promises fast payouts. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP oil spill deal leaves environmental questions unanswered. New Orleans Times-Picayune

NM agrees to protect habitat in Permian Basin. Associated Press

EPA imposes first greenhouse gas limits on new power plants. Washington Post

Arctic sea ice may have passed crucial tipping point. New Scientist

Has global warming brought an early summer to the US? New Scientist

Global warming close to becoming irreversible – scientists. Reuters

Earth warming faster than expected. ScienceNOW

San Francisco fights erosion as coastal cities watch closely. New York Times

US heat ‘unprecedented,’ 7,000 records set or tied. Reuters

New wind tower guidelines aim to lower bird deaths. Associated Press

US. intelligence report warns of global water tensions. New York Times

Climate change in The Hunger Games. Slate

Early spring brings flowers, but also pollen and pests. New York Times

Spring into summer: Unseasonable heat helps pave way for violent weather. Christian Science Monitor

Natural gas a weak weapon against climate change, new study asserts. National Geographic Daily News

OECD warns of ever-higher greenhouse gas emissions. New York Times

Germany’s $263 billion renewables shift biggest since war. Bloomberg

Met Office: World warmed even more in last ten years than previously thought when Arctic data added. Telegraph

Damage to world’s oceans ‘to reach $2 trillion a year.’ Reuters

More of US at risk due to warming-fueled sea-level rise. Associated Press

Carbon emissions hit a new record. Sydney Morning Herald

Allergy season comes early this year because of the unusually mild winter. Washington Post

Records fall across country as temperatures soar. Climate Central

Solar, wind industries go full sail. USA Today

Faulty wells, not fracking, blamed for water pollution. Wall Street Journal

Senate rejects plan to open Arctic refuge to drilling. McClatchy Newspapers

Stalled clean energy loan program feels Solyndra’s chill. New York Times

Ohio agency says fracking-related activity caused earthquakes. Reuters

Report: Great Lakes winter ice cover has decreased 71 percent since 1973. Duluth News Tribune

A bugged life: Warm winter could mean more insects. Washington Post

Forestry budgets sapped by scourges of warming climate. Colorado Independent

Obama pushes added credits for hybrid vehicles. New York Times

Global warming skepticism rose as the economy tanked. USA Today

Senate rejects expediting Keystone pipeline. Washington Post

California takes the lead with new green initiatives. Yale Environment 360

EPA puts greenhouse gas rules for oil refineries on backburner. InsideClimate News

Scientists see rise in tornado-creating conditions. Reuters

Spate of tornado destruction possibly largest March outbreak in history, says storm chaser. Grand Rapids News

GM will stop making slow-selling Volt plug-in for five weeks. Bloomberg

Pace of ocean acidification has no parallel in 300 million years, paper finds. New York Times

Va. Supreme Court rules against Cuccinelli in U.Va. climate case. Richmond Times-Dispatch

University survey links Americans’ growing belief in global warming with higher temps outside. Washington Post

Obama calls for an end to subsidies for oil and gas companies. New York Times

On energy, Obama avoiding ghost of Jimmy Carter. Politico

Battery breakthrough may be electric car game changer. American Public Media Marketplace