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Environmentalists worked to defeat candidates dubbed “climate-change deniers,” including a Texan. National polls show more concern about climate change. And a “carbon tax” is being discussed, with Exxon-Mobil among the backers.

The organic waste on dairy farms and in landfills can yield a treasured resource – methane, main component of natural gas. David Barer examines the subject for Texas Climate News and Reporting Texas.

TCN Interview

The biologist answered TCN’s questions about the outbreak of West Nile virus in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, explaining what scientists know – and have yet to learn – about links between climate and the mosquito-borne disease.

Still recovering from Hurricane Ike, the island city faces issues common along Texas’ perennially storm-threatened coast. Residents and officials confront interrelated natural hazards in deciding where building occurs.

Depletion of Ogallala groundwater heralds reduced irrigation. Coupled with higher projected temperatures, this will force many farmers to turn to dryland agiculture with drought-tolerant crops, one researcher predicts.

TCN Interview

Nielsen-Gammon talked with TCN about global warming’s impacts on Texas, his support for “cheap, affordable alternative energy” and worries about climate-change skepticism, the state’s water-supply challenges and the summer weather outlook.

New federal regulations will require new coal plants to capture CO2 emissions. Will carbon-capture techniques prove to be commercially viable? Various efforts in Texas may help answer that question.

Climate change is projected to bring hotter, drier conditions to the West Texas city, where plans to provide enough water focus on greater conservation, diversifying resources and more water reuse. Writer Michael Haederle reports for TCN.

A court fight over the nation’s most famous endangered species could foreshadow more such battles as climate change yields a hotter, drier Texas while water demand grows. Michael Berryhill reports for TCN.