Other Reports | November 2011

NASA satellites find Texas groundwater at record low, will take months or years to replenish. Associated Press

Historic Texas drought could leave lasting impact. CBS

Experts: Texas drought to continue through spring. Texas Tribune

Austin eyes West Texas for solar power. Austin American-Statesman

Houston wants to help residents trim energy waste. Houston Chronicle

Groesbeck gets state permission to build emergency water pipeline. Associated Press

Environmental Society returns, hopes to make campus greener. Texas A&M-Commerce East Texan

Students build model community. Bryan-College Station Eagle

Desalination a key part of Texas’ water future. San Antonio Express-News

Eagle Ford windfall carries pluses and minuses. Houston Chronicle

Environmental summit sparks new dialogue among diverse interests in Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

State representative says now is time to fund state water plan. Midland Reporter-Telegram

Texas fire season roars on, no end in sight. Associated Press

Nature’s method could bring hope to Trinity River. Houston Chronicle

Dallas Drilling Task Force to recommend requiring electric motors for production. Dallas Morning News

Texas water supply for the future is uncertain. Houston Chronicle

Has the Barnett Shale left its best days behind? Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas farmers worry about the prospect of a dry 2012. San Antonio Express-News

Green energy solutions: Experts split on wind’s future. Amarillo Globe-News

Petition targets TCEQ censorship in report. Houston Chronicle

Unknown environmental effects revealed through butterflies. UT Daily Texan

Students, faculty address climate issues with politicians in D.C. Texas A&M Battalion

EPA gives 1st greenhouse gas permit to Texas plant. Associated Press

A&M happy with green projects. Bryan-College Station Eagle

Living, and coughing, downwind of Texas smoke stacks. Agence France-Presse

Fracking passes one test by UT. Houston Chronicle

Texas water propositions meet different fates. Texas Tribune

Perry’s plan to halt energy breaks favors oil, gas producers. Bloomberg

Building foundations crack as Texas drought shifts soil. McAllen Monitor

BP to pay Texas $50 million for refinery pollution. Associated Press

Catastrophic drought in Texas causes global economic ripples. New York Times

38,000 Clean Air Act violations in Texas draw lawsuit threats. Environment News Service

Drought’s economic impact spreading across Texas. Texas Tribune

Red tide algae bloom closes oyster harvesting in Texas coastal waters, spurs health concerns. Associated Press

Texas voters face ballot proposal on water quality. Texas Tribune

$1.65 billion safety net saves Texas farmers from ruin. Houston Chronicle

Gulf of Mexico saltwater threatens rice, crawfish farmers. New Orleans Times-Picayune

As task force prepares oil spill report, questions arise on who will pay to restore the Gulf. St. Petersburg Times

Los Alamos National Laboratory asks NM for more time to meet cleanup goals. Associated Press

Tulsa landmarks earn energy-efficiency payback. Tulsa World

NM agency assesses nearly $7m in penalties. Associated Press

Dangerous lead levels found in nearly two-thirds of New Orleans homes, Tulane study says. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Tucson Electric opens wind farm in New Mexico. Associated Press

Cypress swamp near Lower 9th Ward will be restored as hurricane defense. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Scientists helping Xcel fine-tune wind forecasts. Associated Press

Louisiana refuses to sign BP-Coast Guard oil spill cleanup transition plan. New Orleans Times-Picayune

La. adapts to natural and manmade climate change. Louisiana Weekly

Gulf Coast lawmakers optimistic about garnering 80% of BP oil spill fines. New Orleans Times-Picayune

States push for natural-gas cars. Associated Press

Group urges Martinez to tap into state’s renewable energy. Associated Press

Obama expands Gulf drilling. Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Plan to wind down Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup is ready, Coast Guard says. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Entergy CEO steps up demand that the industry deal with global warming. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Federal deficit-reduction effort called threat to efforts to shrink Gulf of Mexico dead zone. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Mexico to earn royalty on light bulb carbon credits. Reuters

Oklahoma earthquake linked to fracking? Earth and Industry

Gulf of Mexico fish-tracking system goes full steam ahead. Los Angeles Times

Dust bowl looms if US Southwest drought plans fail. New Scientist

Drilling for shale gas in Mexico. KUT

Obama administration renews push for solar energy in West. Associated Press

Study: Thawing permafrost will worsen global warming. Associated Press

Hottest 13 years have been in past 15: scientists / This year was warmest ever with cooling La Nina in place. Daily Telegraph and Reuters

Last chance to save Kyoto deal at climate talks. Reuters

Why did Google shutter renewable energy program? TPM Idea Lab

China records biggest reduction in emissions. Xinhua

For vets returning to US, green energy jobs await. Associated Press

Renewable power trumps fossils for first time as UN talks stall. Bloomberg

How much will the earth warm up? New York Times

As UN climate talks get underway in South Africa, local strategies are replacing the Kyoto global pact. Washington Post

Arctic sea’s ice loss is ‘unprecedented’ in past 1,450 years, study shows. Bloomberg

‘New release’ of climate emails. BBC

Greenhouse-gas emission rules for US refineries delayed by EPA. Bloomberg

Greenhouse gases soar; scientists see little chance of arresting global warming this century. Washington Post

UN: Concentrations of greenhouse gases hit record. Associated Press

Rich nations ‘give up’ on new climate treaty until 2020. Guardian

Energy secretary, grilled over Solyndra, says politics played no part in loan. Christian Science Monitor

Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather. Associated Press

US military use renewable energy in Afghanistan. Outside

US proposes standards to double average gas mileage by 2025. Los Angeles Times

Scientists from 22 Iowa colleges challenge Perry, GOP field to acknowledge human role in global warming. Houston Chronicle

Congress divided over continuing subsidization of wind power. McClatchy

Dirty air fosters precipitation extremes. Science News

Winter in Massachusetts undergoing redefinition due to warming climate. Springfield Republican

Does government regulation really kill jobs? Economists say overall effect is minimal. Washington Post

EPA finds fracking chemical in Wyoming gas drilling town’s aquifer. InsideClimate News

Growing field of ‘smart grid’ technology faces opposition over pricing, privacy. Washington Post

A gold rush of subsidies in clean energy search. New York Times

Energy Dept. panel warns of environmental toll of current gas drilling practices. ProPublica

NOAA greenhouse gas index climbs. Los Angeles Times

Coal project hits snag as a partner backs off. New York Times

Obama administration delays decision on Keystone XL pipeline. New York Times

Senate majority rejects GOP bid to block EPA. Associated Press

Climate change melting polar regions faster than ever before. Independent

IEA outlook: Time running out on climate change. National Geographic Daily News

Obama proposes CO2 regulations. Los Angeles Times

Cutting waste in gas drilling. Albany Times Union

Health cost of 6 U.S. climate disasters: $14 billion. Reuters

Floods encircle Bangkok industrial estates. Reuters

Biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases. Associated Press

White House refuses to provide Solyndra documents. Associated Press

Huge chunk of Antarctic ice sheet set to break free. Christian Science Monitor

China to phase out incandescent lightbulbs. Guardian

Global warming worsens weather extremes, climate panel to say. Associated Press

Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real. Associated Press

New study: Fukushima released twice as much radiation as official estimate claimed. Discover

Romney seemingly shifts on climate change. NPR