Other Reports | October 2011

Wind power transmission lines rise across Texas. Texas Tribune

Ideology trumped science at Texas agency, two lawmakers say. Reuters

Texas lawmakers fear effect of EPA’s change. Houston Chronicle

Cloud over Lubbock recalls Dust Bowl. Los Angeles Times

Texas, already short of water, grapples with long-term fix. Austin American-Statesman

Texas sets record for wind generation. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Drought conditions fueling ‘red tide,’ decade’s largest algae bloom along Texas Gulf Coast. Associated Press

Perry slashed environmental enforcement in Texas. Associated Press

Kinder Morgan bets big on future of natural gas. Houston Chronicle

Texas sun may soon heat up solar power. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Would a Rick Perry administration censor climate science? Washington Post

Perry promises increased drilling and decreased regulation. New York Times

The controversial plan for drawing clean power from old oil wells. Atlantic

Water availability, not contamination, worries residents above Eagle Ford Shale. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Texas faces billions in water costs as drought imperils economy. Bloomberg

Rice professor accepts Gulf article’s fate. Houston Chronicle

Perry energy adviser calls for moratorium on drilling regulations. Dallas Morning News

Professor says state agency censored article. [Document with agency changes here.] Houston Chronicle

Texas rain storm just a drop in deep bucket; drought continues. Washington Post

Research prowess powers Texas solar industry. Houston Chronicle

Parched Texans impose water-use limits for fracking gas wells. Businessweek

EPA rolls back air rule; Texas gets most leeway. Associated Press

Can Texas make it rain? KUT

How green Is our Austin? Austin Chronicle

Hot, dry, endless. Texas ObserverPlans for coal plant highlight groundwater supply concerns. KUT

Eagle Ford boom brings tricky problems. San Antonio Express-News

Crop scientists now fret about heat, not just water. Reuters

Bleak prospects for avoiding dangerous global warming. ScienceNOW

House GOP wants to waive environmental laws on US borders. McClatchy

Skeptical climate scientists concede Earth has warmed. New Scientist

California adopts cap-and-trade system to limit emissions. New York Times

EPA to regulate disposal of fracking wastewater. Associated Press

Europe could reconsider climate approach. Wall Street Journal

US solar panel makers accuse Chinese of trade violations. New York Times

Climate change ‘grave threat’ to security and health. BBC

Evidence builds that scientists underplay climate impacts. Daily Climate

Warming revives old dream of sea route in Russian Arctic. New York Times

Challenges loom as world population hits 7 billion. Associated Press

Tuvalu drought could be dry run for dealing with climate change. Guardian

China begins to tap its shale gas, despite daunting technological, environmental hurdles. New York Times

House backs bill delaying toxic pollution controls. Associated Press

Global warming may worsen effects of El Niño, La Niña events. Climate Central

Indigenous people sound the alarm on climate change. National Geographic News

Scientists seek to document later fall colors. Associated Press

Carbon tax bill passes. Sydney Morning Herald

Solyndra isn’t only red flag for green energy. Wall Street Journal

EPA is sued over ozone rules. New York Times

As anti-climate group’s activities rise, so do questions about its secret finances. ClimateWire

The business of cooling the planet. Fortune

Armadillo invasion: Warm-weather critters expanding east. National Geographic

SF Bay Area adopts historic climate-change rules. Bay Citizen

Loan program chief departs as Obama vows no ‘surrender’ on clean energy development. Washington Post

Green groups sue to stop Keystone oil pipeline work. Reuters

As the climate warms, magnolias move north. Climate Central

Koch brothers flout law, getting richer with secret Iran sales. Bloomberg

With deaths of forests, a loss of crucial climate protectors. New York Times

Climate change and the end of Australia. Rolling Stone

Rick Perry doubles down on climate skepticism. Los Angeles Times