Other Reports | September 2011

City switch to green energy to cost $6 million over 10 years. KUT

Proposed Canada-to-Texas pipeline draws praise, ire at hearing. Austin American-Statesman

NRG’s Texas coal plants able to meet new air rule. Reuters

Feds give $450 million to Texas clean energy plant. Associated Press

Report: Barnett Shale added $65.4 billion to regional economy in a decade. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

One Republican candidate’s hellfire. Salon

Public housing development goes green to the max. KRIV

Perry’s climate views take heat. San Antonio Express-News

Wind turbine produces energy for East Austin. KUT

Oil refineries seek huge tax refunds and Parents in Texas protest refinery tax refund. Associated Press

Texas slow to prepare for future water needs. Associated Press

Barton: Solyndra shouldn’t end solar loan guarantees. Energy Now

Texas sues EPA over cross-state pollution rules. Houston Chronicle

Texas water supplier approves emergency drought plan. Texas Tribune

Senator: Drought, water should finally wake up Texans. Houston Chronicle

Austin College student’s invention could lower carbon dioxide emissions. KXII

Texas schools feeling effects of drought, fires. Texas Tribune

Trees and power lines caused major Texas fire. Reuters

Wildfires cost Texas agriculture nearly $200 million. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Drought, heat, fires … repeat. Austin Chronicle

State leaders announce more money for firefighting. Austin American-Statesman

Texas power plants’ deadline corrected. San Antonio Express-News

Green groups add muscle in Texas, gird for uphill battles. Greenwire

In Texas, drought feels like another Dust Bowl. USA Today

Luminant sues EPA, says it will shut two coal units, cut 500 jobs. Houston Chronicle

Texas was warned about risk of building in backcountry. Austin American-Statesman

Rick Perry’s air war. National Journal

City hoping to jump-start electric car usage. Houston Chronicle

Bastrop wildfires destroy 1,000-plus homes. Associated Press

Conditions, growth feed wildfire risk. Austin American-Statesman

Exclusive: Perry sought to sideline nuclear waste site critic. Reuters

Why Texas’ drought may have global effects. Time

Assessing climate change in a drought-stricken state. Texas Tribune

Worst drought in Texas history ravages crops, livestock. PBS NewsHour

Experts predict drought could be around for years to come. Gonzales Inquirer: Home

Cost of wind power lines blows past earlier estimate. Houston Chronicle

Gulf of Mexico oil spill hurt common Louisiana marsh fish, study finds. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Bandelier monument reopens archaeological sites. Albuquerque Journal

Florida county selected for 400-MW solar project. Renewable Energy News

A year after the moratorium, deepwater drilling permits remain scarce. KUHF

Texas governor, senator cold to collecting Deepwater Horizon fines. Greenwire

BP files first Gulf drill plan since Macondo. Reuters

BP oil is not degrading on floor of Gulf of Mexico, study says. Associated Press

New Mexico’s largest solar plant opens in Carlsbad. KOB

Sen. Vitter not always critical of energy loan program. Associated Press

2011 flood damage to levees and riverbanks will exceed $2 billion, Corps estimates. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Drilling in Gulf of Mexico rebounds after spill. Wall Street Journal

Marsh fires flare up again on eastern flank of New Orleans. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP shortcuts led to Gulf oil spill, report says. New York Times

Analysts: Southwestern US drought might raise global food prices. Voice of America

Mississippi lures ‘green’ manufacturing jobs. New York Times

Seeking solar solutions in the shadow of coal-fired power plants on Navajo Nation. Colorado Independent

Tech company to build science ghost town in NM. Associated Press

BP looking to ramp up activity in Gulf of Mexico: exec. Reuters

Study: Climate change is a key factor in Mexican migration to US. Latin American Herald Tribune

Eastern New Orleans marsh fire unlikely to rekindle, officials say. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP concealed information before blowout, Halliburton claims. Bloomberg

PNM gets twice the bang for its energy efficiency bucks. New Mexico Business Weekly

New land in eroding Louisiana wetlands provides cause for hope. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Recusal of NM regulators sought in emissions case. Las Cruces Sun-News

Solar power’s appeal keeps heating up. Santa Fe New Mexican

Cap and trade wins California Supreme Court ruling. San Francisco Chronicle

Analysis deflates wind turbine health claims. Midwest Energy News

A pipeline divides along old lines – jobs versus the environment. New York Times

EPA scolded on greenhouse gas report review process. Los Angeles Times

Signs of climate change: Arctic ice is vanishing fast. Time

Some clean-energy firms found US loan guarantee program a bad bet. Washington Post

Obama advisors raised warning flags before Solyndra bankruptcy. Los Angeles Times

The American ‘allergy’ to global warming: Why? Associated Press

A new analysis shows the world Is getting less energy efficient. Time

After Solyndra, prospects dim for funding of solar projects. Wall Street Journal

House approves bill to delay, scrap EPA rules. Associated Press

House GOP: Where are the ‘green jobs’? The Hill

Solyndra shakeout seen as a sign of success for wider solar market. InsideClimate News

Seeking better answers to climate change, extreme weather questions. Washington Post

House GOP plays Solyndra for all it’s worth. Politico

Energy demand is expected to rise 53% by 2035. New York Times

How to build a greener city. Wall Street Journal

More than 30 million climate migrants in Asia in 2010, report finds. Guardian

Science lags as health problems emerge near gas fields. Pro Publica

Recurring red flags failed to slow Obama administration’s race to help Solyndra. Center for Public Integrity

Nuclear miscalculation: Why regulators miss power plant threats from quakes and storms. Center for Public Integrity

Pig power! Google signs up. TPM Idea Lab

Rio+20 must ‘unenvironmentalise’ green issues, says G77 negotiator. Guardian

Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest pace in almost 40 years. Guardian

Arctic warming to spew carbon, propel climate change, by 2100. Alaska Dispatch

Obama’s decision on smog rule offers hints on environmental strategy. Washington Post

Winds push California fire to 20 square miles. Associated Press

Total Arctic sea ice at record low in 2010: study. Reuters

Obama pulls back proposed smog standards in victory for business. Washington Post

Journal editor resigns over ‘problematic’ climate paper. BBC News

Data show nuclear plants’ greater vulnerability to quakes. Associated Press

Vast ice island set to break off Greenland glacier. MSNBC.com

Obama-backed solar firm collapses after big federal loan guarantee. Center for Public Integrity

As climate changes, scientists see Irene as a harbinger. New York Times

U.S. geologists sharply cut estimate of shale gas. New York Times