Other Reports | April 2011

Extreme drought’ sets Texas ablaze and may sprawl over the South until midsummer. ClimateWire

Upbeat update on Panhandle wind power promises more in future. Livestock Weekly

Green Mountain solar leases give homeowners bragging rights. Dallas Morning News

Austin considers raising your water bill with sustainability fee. KUT

Solar rebate legislation could have a chance in the Legislature. Austin American-Statesman

Rick Perry says Governor’s Mansion will have solar energy panels. Dallas Morning News

Report: Rio Grande water flow could decline up to 14 percent. Associated Press

A city built on oil discovers how precious its water can be. Texas Tribune

NRG will no longer invest in STP expansion. San Antonio Express-News

Senate votes to establish energy policy committee. Associated Press

Legislation to save solar heads to Austin. El Paso Inc.

Texas’ bad wildfire year might not indicate climate change, but it shows pattern, scientists say. Dallas Morning News

Can US handle historic Texas wildfires? Christian Science Monitor

Texas natural gas tax break: Needed boost or handout? Fuel Fix

‘Fracking’ for natural gas also splits towns and families. Associated Press

Fast start to fire season as wildfires scorch Texas. Climate Central

Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project seeks more drilling oversight. Fort Worth Star Telegram

The ‘greening’ of Fiesta. San Antonio Express-News

Texas lawmakers mull reducing natural gas tax break. Texas Tribune

Solar power initiative reworked. San Angelo Standard-Times

A new Pickens Plan: Good for the U.S. or just for T. Boone? Yale Environment 360

Texas gov.: State drivers should think electric. Associated Press

Lawmakers debate regulations for wind turbines. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Report: Texas power plants key cause of smog. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas continues domination in wind power. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas drought now extreme. Any relief in sight? Houston Chronicle

Houston companies along for the ride as Pickens touts natural gas vehicles. Houston Business Journal

Panel says water habits need to change. Midland Reporter-Telegram

Austin LEEDS the way. The Horn

Backers say solar power bill could result in electricity equivalent to a reactor. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Bill would tie EPA rules to effect on jobs. Houston Chronicle

Green home builders take root in Houston area. Houston Chronicle

Roma students use pens to fight against climate change. McAllen Monitor

Move to natural gas vehicles accelerates. Houston Chronicle

Controversy swirls around water bill at hearing. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Citizens of the shale (five-part series). Denton Record Chronicle

Rail plan features 40 stations, new spur to Hancock Center. Austin American-Statesman

Mexico oil exports could end within decade, report warns. New York Times

NM Sen. Tom Udall’s lonely climate-change crusade. Daily Beast

Report: Climate change worsens Western water woes. Associated Press

BP agrees to $1 billion advance payment for restoration projects. New Orleans Times Picayune

Bonnet Carre Spillway likely to open as levee inspections intensify along Mississippi River. New Orleans Times Picayune

NM utility unveils first large-scale solar plant. Associated Press

Energy magnate Pickens defends drilling method. Associated Press

Gulf oil spill: Few changes in drilling policy one year on. Time

3,200 Gulf wells unplugged, unprotected. Associated Press

BP oil spill: How bad is damage to gulf one year later? Time

Oil still oozing along coastline amid dying marsh grasses. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Chevron builds solar plant at NM tailings site. Bloomberg Businessweek

Mystery illnesses plague Louisiana oil spill crews. Agence France-Presse

Panel makes recommendations on NM regulations. Associated Press

BP’s Gulf Coast cleanup is 95 percent complete, exec says. Houston Chronicle

BP feels fishermen’s fury over Gulf oil spill. Agence France-Presse

Oil from BP spill remains threat to birds, Audubon Society officials say. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Fierce drought hurts farmers in the Southwest. Wall Street Journal

Indians join fight for an Oklahoma lake’s flow. New York Times

Scientists link oil on dolphins to BP spill. Associated Press

Oil spills may leave more emotional than physical scars, study finds. New York Times

To fix damage from old canals, Corps plans new one. Associated Press

Udall introduces renewable energy standard legislation. New Mexico Independent

Dwarf seahorses threatened by BP oil spill, deserve protection, environmental group says. New Orleans Times-Picayune

What does the hurricane forecast mean to Acadiana? KATC

UNPLUG combats on-campus energy waste. LSU Daily Reveille

Autopsy of blowout preventer doesn’t answer every question in oil rig explosion. New Orleans Times-Picayune

NMSU researchers look to ancient cultures to find patterns of climate change. Las Cruces Sun-News

BP seeks to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. New York Times

Fishermen wary as feds seek offshore wind interest. Associated Press

Justices skeptical in emissions case. Wall Street Journal

Scientists: Soot may be key to rapid Arctic melt. Associated Press

The coming storm. National Geographic

Acrtic’s icy coastlines retreat as planet warms. LiveScience

US greenhouse gases drop to 15-year low. Financial Times (subscription)

TVA agrees to shut down 18 coal-fired boilers and curb emissions. ClimateWire

Merkel: Nuclear exit ‘as soon as possible.’ Nuclear Power Daily

Youth at environment summit unhappy with Obama policies. Washington Post

A year after floods, Nashville looks to heal ‘naturally.’ Greenwire

Carbon emissions linked to Europe’s hay fever rise. BBC

Weather satellites on the chopping block. New York Times

Study: Some natural gas threatens climate more than coal. Wall Street Journal

UN goal of limiting global warming Is nearly impossible, researchers say. ScienceNOW

California renewable energy gets major boost in new law. Los Angeles Times

Japan plans wider evacuation around Fukushima nuclear plant. New York Times

Google invests $168 million in solar power plant. Agence France-Presse

Plants’ earlier bloom times hurting some creatures. Washington Post

GE to build nation’s largest solar power plant. Associated Press

House votes to strip EPA of power to curb carbon emissions. Christian Science Monitor

Clean energy is a target of Ryan budget plan. New York Times

Senate rejects blocking EPA climate regulations. Politico

Budget fight and squabble over energy riders intensify as shutdown nears. ClimateWire

Japan focuses on hydrogen buildup after nuclear leak stopped. Reuters

Ozone layer faces record 40 pct loss over Arctic. Associated Press

GOP 2012 budget plan calls for expanded oil-and-gas production. The Hill

Sea rising ‘at upper end of forecast’. Australian

Surging renewable sector pulls even with nuclear power in U.S. Daily Climate

Multitude of species face climate threat. New York Times

Critics’ review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on climate change. Los Angeles Times

Electric cars? Sales are blah. But other ‘green’ cars surge. Christian Science Monitor

Preparing a people: Climate change and public health. Environmental Health Perspectives

Could shale gas power the world? Time