Other Reports | June 2010

Texas mulls more nuclear reactors. Texas Tribune

UH gets $2.3 million federal grant for wind facility. Houston Chronicle

NRG all-you-can-burn electricity plan a first for the industry. Dallas Morning News

City Council funds green roof study. Horn

Problems persist for West Texas nuclear waste site. Dallas Morning News

City ponders how to pay for urban rail. Austin American-Statesman

Weather extremes may have forecasters seeking a new ‘normal.’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Dish mayor’s outcry on gas drilling brings big buzz to tiny town. Dallas Morning News

Landfill gas could soon power generators. McAllen Monitor

Barnett Shale Symposium: Urban drilling challenges remain. Fort Worth Business Press

Exxon Mobil touting its safety program after BP spill. Houston Chronicle

Desolate West Texas town solves power problem with back-up battery. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Texas scientist takes a step toward ultra-high efficiency solar cells. Houston Chronicle

Heat turned up on Barton; call for him to quit energy panel post comes from GOP. Dallas Morning News

Anadarko points finger at BP on Gulf oil spill. Houston Chronicle

Anadarko, top corporate donor to Barton, is partner of BP on Deepwater Horizon. FiveThirtyEight

Rep. Joe Barton apologizes to BP’s Tony Hayward for White House ‘shakedown’. CBS

Stimulating new projects to get San Antonio off the crude. San Antonio Current

First public hearing held for Odessa clean coal plant. NewsWest9

Texas proposes changes to clean-air permit rules. Associated Press

How bad is the Ogallala Aquifer’s decline in Texas? Texas Tribune

EPA taking over permits at 2 more Texas facilities. Houston Chronicle

Lower Colorado River Authority pulls plug on transmission project. San Antonio Business Journal

Dallas officials to present council with reasons to invest in green energy. Dallas Morning News

Fleet operators pushing toward ‘green.’ Austin American-Statesman

Onshore accidents add to concerns. Houston Chronicle

EPA comes under increased fire from Texas. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas commissioners hold hearing on nuclear waste. Houston Chronicle

EPA goes to industry to fix faulty Texas permits. Associated Press

Austin Energy’s solar array on hold. Austin Business Journal

TribBlog: Waiting on the water war. Texas Tribune

The aerobic city. Austin Chronicle

Need for high voltage transmission lines questioned by PUC Chairman. Llano News

DISH water. Fort Worth Weekly

Flower Mound council OKs gas drilling moratoriums. Dallas Morning News

Battle lines formed over Texas air quality. Houston Chronicle

KKR touts green program while building coal plants. Dallas Morning News

More than 20 blowouts have occurred at Barnett Shale wells. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tenaska opposition: Alternatives exist. Abilene Reporter News

Texans in Congress say drilling support not tied to oil industry donations. Dallas Morning News

Officials say they’re ready if oil reaches Texas. Houston Chronicle

Texas gov. touts air quality week after EPA threat. Austin American-Statesman

TCEQ fesses up: More benzene data withheld from public. Texas Observer

Tenaska hearing underway; Trailblazer officials questioned. Abilene Reporter News

Anti-Tenaska movement picking up in Abilene. Abilene Reporter News

Skeptics failing to get anti-climate science agenda into Texas classrooms. Solveclimate

Wind power losing its punch. Dallas Morning News

Houston region closer to large storm surge project. Houston Chronicle

Burgess wants an investigation into TCEQ. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas agency gave inaccurate air pollution test results to Fort Worth. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Western governors consider alternative energy, climate change. Las Cruces Sun-News

Flotilla of barges used as La. oil barricade. Associated Press

Gulf oil spill long-term health effects: How bad? Time

Solar thermal melts as PV solidifies. New Mexico Business Weekly

SWEPCO won’t seek Ark. PSC approval for plant. Houston Chronicle

Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records. KLFY

BP hurricane plan for oil spill under scrutiny. WWLTV

Scientist: Oxygen levels down in Gulf oil plumes. Associated Press

Shrimp and Petroleum Fest has tragic irony this year. Houma Today

Regulators failed to address risks in oil rig fail-safe device. New York Times

Details emerge on weakness in well design. New York Times

Documents: BP estimated 4.2M gallon in worst case. Associated Press

BP CEO’s yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents. Associated Press

Oil spill: Flow rate estimate higher, containment capacity also grows. Environment News Service

Controlled burns are another death trap for Gulf wildlife. Los Angeles Times

Fears for offshore workers health as BP burns oil. Agence France-Presse

Levee officials to review Corps of Engineers plans for New Orleans canals. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP agrees to $20 billion fund for Gulf oil spill claims. Washington Post

Oil spill spreads in La.’s big, rich Barataria Bay. Ney York Times

Plan for relief well aimed at stopping Gulf oil spill has no specifics. Associated Press

Endangered turtles swarm around oil spill. Houston Chronicle

Oil spill kills Gulf Coast shrimp season; a culture hangs in the balance. Pump Handle

Environmental justice concerns arising from Gulf of Mexico oil spill aired. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Documents: BP cut corners in days before blowout. Associated Press

Obama sees light ahead for oil-damaged Gulf Coast. Associated Press

Florida Keys residents plan their own oil spill cleanup. Time

BP deploys deepsea sensors to better measure spill. Associated Press

New oil spill total is bad news for BP, wildlife. Associated Press

How to prevent deepwater spills. MIT Technology Review

BP oil collection increases in Gulf; questions multiply. USA Today

BP spill response plans severely flawed. Associated Press

AP journalist dives into Gulf, can see only oil. Austin American-Statesman

Thousands of south Louisianians praying in face of massive Gulf oil spill. New Orleans Times-Picayune

NM high court: Emissions cap proposal may proceed. Associated Press

Plumes of oil below surface raise new concerns. New York Times

Coast Guard sees cleanup of spill lasting until the fall. New York Times

Even with a cleanup, spilled oil stays with us. New York Times

In gulf, it was unclear who was in charge of rig. New York Times

Court can’t rehear storm lawsuit. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP frees jammed saw as oil nears Florida beaches. Wall Street Journal

Pickens: Oil companies, not government have best disaster answers. Tulsa World

Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican, under assault from spreading oil, biologists say. New Orleans Times-Picayune

AEP unit seeks rehearing on Ark coal-plant ruling. Reuters

Gulf oil spill: Can sand berms save the Louisiana coast? Time

Lawmakers advancing renewable energy bills. Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Oil and gas industry faces tough times after oil spill, but clout is still heavy. New Orleans Times-Picayune

BP tries again to divert oil leak with dome. New York Times

Gulf oil spill threat widens. Reuters

Europe’s enduring coal subsidies. New York Times

Silicon Valley becoming driving force for electric vehicles. Los Angeles Times

Climate bills test Senate’s commitment. San Francisco Chronicle

Bingaman: ‘Difficult to see’ 60 votes for climate change bill. The Hill

‘Carbon storage’ faces leak dilemma – study. Agence France-Presse

MIT researchers see natural gas as the choice for lower carbon emissions. New York Times

White House to appeal ruling against drilling ban. Associated Press

Judge who overturned drilling moratorium reported owning stock in drilling companies. Yahoo! News

Judge rules against Obama’s deep-water drilling moratorium. Los Angeles Times

Report: 97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real. USA Today

Scenarios: Climate bill backers enter critical week. Reuters

A colossal fracking mess: The dirty truth behind the new natural gas. Vanity Fair

Nations rethink drilling in wake of BP oil spill. Associated Press

Court freezes bids to return greenhouse gas ‘endangerment’ finding to EPA. New York Times

Major climate decisions may come from ozone treaty. Associated Press

Net benefits of biomass power under scrutiny. New York Times

Oceans choking on CO2, face deadly changes: study. Reuters

May the heat be with you – another record month. Associated Press

Gulf oil spill worsens – but what about the safety of gas fracking? Los Angeles Times

White House seeks to bolster role in Senate climate talks. New York Times

Lawmakers attack plans oil companies had in place to deal with a spill. Washington Post

Obama’s call on energy bill fails to sway Congress. Associated Press

Obama, in speech on spill, calls on Americans to reduce oil dependence. New York Times

Obama plans first Oval Office speech to put pressure on BP. New York Times

Oil spill may spur action on energy, probably not on climate. New York Times

Study: Shrinking glaciers to spark food shortages. Associated Press

Obama’s greenhouse gas rules survive Senate vote. Associated Press

Ten states aim for offshore wind boom in alliance with Interior Department. Solveclimate

UN’s new climate chief says final deal unlikely in her lifetime. Bloomberg

US senator offers scaled-back climate bill. Agence France-Presse

New climate chief: ‘No option’ but to take action. Austin American-Statesman

10 eastern states join wind energy consortium. Associated Press

Why wait for a climate bill, GE argues. New York Times

GOP bid to stop EPA ruling faces White House veto. Associated Press

Remember the Copenhagen accord? New York Times

Will Senate showdown on Clean Air Act slow down EPA’s momentum? Solveclimate

Reid, Pelosi head for climate clash. The Hill

10 years needed to seal climate cuts, says UN pointman. Agence France-Presse

Amid spill anger, Obama asks cut in oil tax breaks. Associated Press

Industry claims of ‘proven’ technology went unchallenged at MMS. New York Times

BP oil lead may last until Christmas in worst case scenario. Businessweek

A bullish view of wind power out west. New York Times

Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it. Guardian

US opens criminal inquiry into gulf oil spill. New York Times

US projects 4 percent emissions rise by 2012 to UN. Associated Press

Spillonomics: Underestimating risk. New York Times

The Gulf oil spill in context: US oil consumption. Mongabay.com

Prudence now the watchword as UN climate talks resume. Agence France-Presse

Colo. legislature’s 2010 session best yet for renewable-energy. Denver Post