Other Reports | February 2010

Houston aims to be electric car capital. Reuters

County joins Ike Dike study. Galveston County Daily News

City’s climate plan garners support for renewable energy. Daily Texan

Advocates envision Texas as solar power leader. Dallas Morning News

New Texas gas drilling watchdog group. Fort Worth Weekly

Even stimulus opponents sought funds for Texas. Dallas Morning News

Texas’ wind power potential five times larger than we thought. Houston Chronicle

Sierra Club sues Luminant over coal plant pollution. Dallas Morning News

City’s smog concerns may choke power plant. Houston Chronicle

Agriculture commish candidates huff at Staples’ EPA challenge. Houston Chronicle

Health department studies impact of natural gas facilities on Dish residents. Dallas Morning News

CPS Energy settles its suit over reactors. San Antonio Express-News

House asks for hydraulic fracturing data. Houston Chronicle

Flower Mound group plans petition drive to block applications for natural gas pipelines, wastewater facilities. Dallas Morning News

Study says climate law could cost Texas lots of jobs. Houston Chronicle

Council urged to pass renewable energy plan. Austin American-Statesman

Texas declares war on the IPCC, British climate unit. Houston Chronicle

NASA scientist gives fresh perspective on global warming. Baylor Lariat

Radnofsky responds to Abbott’s EPA challenge. Dallas Morning News

Cement industry says new EPA regulations would cost jobs. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Bill, funding could heat up solar power use in Texas. Fort Worth Business Press

Energy plan would put Austin among nation’s greenest cities, but comes at a cost. Austin American-Statesman

How Texas governor hopefuls stand on environmental and energy issues. San Antonio Express-News

Dish mayor puts fear of frack into natural gas industry. Dallas Morning News

PUC chairman enters CPS fray. San Antonio Express-News

Global warming: Does cold winter dispel climate change? Abilene Reporter-News

Tiny North Texas town bans gas drilling for 90 days. Associated Press

Natural gas industry wants a list of donors to Dish legal fund. Dallas Morning News

Group urges Texas to promote more solar power use. Associated Press

UT Arlington to license coal-to-crude tech to build a refinery this year. Dallas Morning News

Climate change, pollution are suspects in rusty blackbirds’ plummeting numbers. Dallas Morning News

Dish to vote on banning natural gas drilling. Dallas Morning News

‘Smart meters’ give customers usage info. Houston Chronicle

Public gets a shot at CPS rate proposal. San Antonio Express-News

Homeowners face Barnett Shale leasing dilemma. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

New sheriff Armendariz reads ‘em their rights. Fort Worth Weekly

Clean-air fund to stop funding natural gas projects till industry cleans up its act. Dallas Observer

County to begin Ike home buyouts. Galveston County Daily News

Comanche Peak could benefit from Obama’s push on federal loan guarantees. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

EPA’s ethanol revision won’t please Texas refiners. Dallas Morning News

Fort Worth wants more air testing around gas drilling sites. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Barton’s gas well stake raises ethical questions. Dallas Morning News

Paring of oil perks in U.S. budget would affect Texas. Dallas Morning News

West Texas entrepreneur hopes to turn mesquite into power. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

CPS lays out case for rate increase. San Antonio Express-News

Exxon defends hydraulic fracturing, emphasizes jobs. Dallas Morning News

Be it resolved. Texas Tribune

DOD cutting ‘non-combat’ greenhouse gases, leans on Valero for the dirty stuff. San Antonio Current

CPS told to work out cash dispute. San Antonio Express-News

Texas governor candidates tout solar, wind energy ambitions. ABC-7

ODC passes agreement. Odessa American

NRG nuclear expansion plans could fizzle. Dallas Morning News

County will join study of Ike Dike: Panel will study storm-surge control. Houston Chronicle

High benzene levels found on Barnett Shale. Dallas Morning News

The quality of the test. Fort Worth Weekly

Barton makes climate skepticism clear. Washington Post

Grasslands in North and East Texas will serve as living laboratory. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Total, Chesapeake close on $2.25B joint venture. Dallas Morning News

Missouri River dams affect Louisiana wetlands. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Coastal restoration and hurricane protection projects to be discussed at meeting. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Sierra Club will sue over San Juan coal ash disposal. New Mexico Independent

Chevron to build solar plant at tailings site. Associated Press

Bingaman opposes Graham’s push to alter renewables mandate. The Hill

New levees will be tested by encroaching Gulf. Thibodaux Daily Comet

Critics oppose Sen. Landrieu’s stance on EPA regulations. KPLC

New Mexico Tech gets into hot water. El Defensor Chieftain

Former Albuquerque Mayor Chavez takes job with sustainability organization. New Mexico Independent

Senate rejects governor’s environmental board pick. Associated Press

Delaware Nation awarded $250,000 solar energy panel grant. Chickasha Express-Star

Haynesville shale creating road woes in Desoto Parish. KTAL

Corps critic sues LSU over dismissal. Baton Rouge Advocate

NM Senate Rules panel gives thumbs down to ‘nuclear power as green’. New Mexico Independent

Climate stance criticized. Baton Rouge Advocate

Campaign climate. Arkansas Times

Bill takes aim at NM oil, gas regulations. Associated Press

NM Senate approves carbon capture, storage bill. Carlsbad Current-Argus

Obama budget brings worries to Oklahoma, oil industry. Oklahoman

Water issues part of two yearlong studies. Shreveport Times

Project redirects methane gas from landfill. WAFB

Major coastal restoration financing starts, slowly, in Barack Obama’s 2011 budget plan. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Louisiana lawmakers take aim at call for climate bill. Shreveport Times

New Mexico bill first step toward carbon storage. Associated Press

Coastal restoration and levees would share $600 million from state in fiscal year 2011 under proposal. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Landrieu says MoveOn.org ‘deceives’ the public. Washington Post

Lincoln hits back at LCV. Washington Post

Obama speech to business group leaves greenhouse gas issues up in the air. New York Times

Official: Climate change treaty unlikely this year. Associated Press

World warming unhindered by cold spells: scientists. Reuters

Climate panel vows new review. Wall Street Journal

Carbon pricing sticks out as Senate climate bill’s main obstacle. New York Times

Antarctic melting due to global warming; sea levels may rise. USA Today

EPA plans to phase in regulation of emissions. New York Times

Study: Warming to bring stronger hurricanes. Associated Press

Obama mounts a last-ditch attempt to pass a ‘hybrid’ climate and energy bill. New York Times

Methane levels may see ‘runaway’ rise, scientists warn. Independent

Coal-state Democrats oppose global-warming rules. Associated Press

The long road to an alternative-energy future. Wall Street Journal

Senate weighs final push to move climate bill. Reuters

In Wyoming, debate swirls on taxing wind industry. New York Times

Obama rebukes climate skeptics. Agence France-Presse

UN climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging. Associated Press

Environmental advocates are cooling on Obama. New York Times

Washington stalemate blocks job-creating investment in green energy. Los Angeles Times

Canada’s permafrost retreats amid warming trend. Reuters

Southern Co.’s lobbying draws complaints. Associated Press

Climate skeptics exploiting scandal: US envoy. Agence France-Presse

Companies leave US climate coalition. Agence France-Presse

Obama nuke plant loan reflects new energy strategy. Associated Press

US supports new nuclear reactors in Georgia. New York Times

Cities prepare for life with the electric car.
New York Times

Get this: Warming planet can mean more snow. NPR

Gains in global wind capacity reported. New York Times

India, China resist calls to back climate pact. Reuters

Series of missteps by climate scientists threatens climate-change agenda. Washington Post

Greenland ice loss driven by warming seas: study. Agence France-Presse

Bill Gates: We need global ‘energy miracles’. CNN

Business groups challenge EPA finding on greenhouse gases. Washington Post

Scientists seek better way to do climate report. Associated Press

South Florida’s floodgates vulnerable to rising sea levels. Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Arizona quits Western climate endeavor. Arizona Republic

UN climate panel reforms urged to boost trust. Reuters

Climate science emails cannot destroy argument that world is warming, and humans are responsible. Guardian

Skeptics find fault with UN climate panel. New York Times

Global warming an Olympic worry, says Rogge. Agence France-Presse

Coming together on climate bill. Politico

New federal climate change agency forming. Associated Press

Heavy snowfall in a warming world. Weather Underground

New climate portal launches. Washington Post

Water at core of climate change impacts – UN experts. Reuters

Lobbyists rush to block EPA action on climate change. Center for Public Integrity

Climate change impact of soil underestimated: study. Agence France-Presse

Drought in SW Australia linked to snowfall in Antarctica. Agence France-Presse

Arctic climate changing faster than expected. Reuters

Administration presses on for a ‘cap’ on carbon emissions. ClimateWire

GOP lawmakers seek to suspend Calif. climate law. Associated Press

Sen. Graham slams push for a ‘half-assed energy bill’. Greenwire

Behind the weather: Strongest El Nino in a decade. NPR

EPA biofuels guidelines could spur production of ethanol from corn. Washington Post

A boom in ‘distributed’ solar projects. New York Times

Companies feel threatened by climate fight – U.N. chief. Reuters

Obama eyes biofuels, clean coal in new climate push. Reuters

Obama: cap-and-trade may be separate in Senate bill. Reuters

Panel absolves climate scientist. New York Times

California sets up statewide network to monitor global-warming gases. New York Times

Reaction to Obama’s nuclear energy plan. Washington Post

Study finds a tree growth spurt. New York Times

IPCC flooded by criticism. Nature News

Britain protests over false melting glacier claims. Independent

UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim. Sunday Times

Global deal on climate change in 2010 ‘all but impossible.’ Guardian

‘Climate emails hacked by spies’: Interception bore hallmarks of foreign intelligence agency, says expert. Independent

Growing Pentagon focus on energy and climate. New York Times

Navy: Time is now to prep for ice-free Arctic. Navy Times

UN says nations’ greenhouse gas pledges too little. Associated Press

China leading global race to make clean energy. New York Times

Government told to cut own greenhouse gases 28 percent. Associated Press

China insists that it steps on climate be voluntary. New York Times

US embraces Copenhagen pact, Senators rework bill. Reuters

Water vapor drop may have led to warming slowdown. Associated Press

Obama’s speech contains good, bad news for industry. Oil & Gas Journal

Arctic ‘Melt Season’ is growing longer, new research demonstrates. Physorg

Less water vapor may slow warming trends. New York Times

Obama aims to win climate bill with green jobs, nuclear. Reuters

Global warming to trigger more warming – study. Reuters

UN panel defends climate change evidence. Agence France-Presse