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The two candidates clash on climate science and coal’s future role in Texas. Perry has promoted his vision of a “diverse” set of energy sources, while White has pushed energy efficiency and renewables.

A decade ago, Texas set the first energy-saving target for electric power producers. But a national study says other states have surged ahead recently with new actions aimed at greater efficiency.

In a combative letter, Texas officials have told the EPA they will not include climate-altering greenhouse gases in the state’s emission-limiting permits for industrial plants.

The EPA on Thursday rejected petitions by Texas and others that asked the EPA to reconsider its formal conclusion that greenhouse gases endanger public health.

Last December, the prominent climate scientist James Hansen told Texas Climate News that he thought 2010 could turn out to be the warmest year ever.

Should the Houston-Galveston region adopt a “structural” or “non-structural” approach to reduce storm surge damage from hurricanes?

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Larry Soward retired last year after his term as a commissioner at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This was was one of several top positions he held over the years.

In a strongly foreshadowed action, Texas officials announced Tuesday that they are formally challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that greenhouse gases are harmful to human health and the environment.